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‘Saying it Well,’ by Charles Swindoll

Practical encouraging words of hope...
Practical encouraging words of hope...
By Charles Swindoll

I recommend the tools and principles found within these pages to anyone who wants to “touch others with their words,”...


After almost five decades of “…speaking, teaching and preaching…” bestselling author, preacher and communicator, Charles Swindoll penned “Saying it well,” an extraordinary book that teaches how to touch “…others with your words.”

Using himself as an example he begins a first-person account of how to learn your particular speaking “style,” what Swindoll calls “…your own put together…” A phrase his dad used to describe the need to be you when you stand and speak to others. For a young man who stuttered an almost impossible task. For him to achieve the task he first had to learn and cultivate three “simple, yet extremely significant insights…” before he could “find his voice.”

  1. Know who you are.
  2. Accept who you are.
  3. Be who you are.

Swindoll cautions that self-development is as important as the one, two, three order in which growth is accomplished in building “self-awareness.” Questions need to be considered like what unique God given abilities do you have your gifts, skills, strengths, weakness’, temperament, your personality and how others perceive you? Are you comfortable with who you are?

Answering the above questions is important because “…the better we know who we are, the greater our effectiveness and ease of delivery…” which leads to “…the all-important virtue of authenticity…”

Filled with fascinating personal examples and anecdotes, Swindoll fills ten chapters with speaking principles and helpful tips that he then illustrates how to use and apply, whether speaking on a biblical or non-biblical topic.

Swindoll writes as well as he speaks with warmth and humor. Reading the book is like having coffee with an all-wise and knowing friend. Actual copies of Swindoll’s sermon notes in the Appendix illustrate how this remarkable author works and reworks what he’s going to say.

I recommend the tools and principles found within these pages to anyone who wants to “touch others with their words,” whether pastors, students or public speakers. Sound, practical principles help “…organize your thoughts and deliver your message with confidence, style and great success.”

This world-famous speaker graduated magna cum laude from Dallas Theological Seminary, has been honored with four doctorates, multiple book honors and won numerous awards for Insight for Living. The author’s passion is “…effective communication…” which he writes is a “…by-product of authenticity.”

‘Saying it well,’ by Charles Swindoll, FaithWords, 2012, 288 Pages, ISBN-13: 978-0892968312, $23.99

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