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Say It with Flowers finds love in a florist shop

“Say It With Flowers” by Suzanne D. Williams is the third book of her Italian series
Tara Cook (used with permission)

“Say It With Flowers” by Suzanne D. Williams


“Say It With Flowers” by Suzanne D. Williams is the third book of her Italian series. While the reader doesn’t need to read the first books to enjoy this one, it continues the stories of the Bottari family and uses the same characters in supporting roles.

Benito Bottari owns a flower shop. When Arabella Howland comes in to order flowers, he is immediately taken with her beautiful appearance. But, she’s shopping for flowers for her wedding. Several years ago, Benito fell in love with a married woman, and he must avoid making the same mistake again.

Arabella has known her fiancée for two years. He’s convinced her to quit her job, move into his house, and let him manage all of her money. Arabella can’t see the telltale signs of an abusive relationship, but her best friend, Tillie, knows something isn’t right. Tillie speaks to Benito and convinces him that he must do something to stop this wedding before it’s too late.

The author did a good job researching and portraying an abusive relationship. While it’s a simple story that doesn’t go into great detail, it still shows the reader that when your heart tells you something isn’t right, it’s a good idea to listen to that intuition.

The story includes abusive scenes that are tastefully described. It’s a bit more violent than most Christian romances. The main characters are also a bit different from other Christian books because they are believing sinners dealing with temptation.