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Saxman Evan Lipton melts the notes on Karmic Shift

Karmic Shift by Evan Lipton and friends


For a person that has spent so much of my writing covering hard rock and heavy metal music, many people forget that I will and have, cover anything that has the sound and the feel regardless of genre. This is one of those times as I was blown away by the early single release of ‘The Sun Is Shining Down’, a cover of JJ Grey & Mofro done by saxophonist extraordinaire Evan Lipton along with the ever talented ‘Just Joe’ Altier. (You can read that initial review right here) What can I say? We grew up in the 70’s and know what those AM channels used to carry!

Evan Lipton and friends in photos
Evan Lipton and friends in photos
Malissa Allen, Evan Lipton
The album cover
Malissa Allen, Evan Lipton

Evan Lipton was an unknown name until Joe posted the above mentioned song link one day and I was eagerly waiting to hear the rest; so when Evan contacted yours truly I jumped at it. Lipton’s collection of covers with his sax as vocalist is timeless and simply melts the world away if you close your eyes and let the notes carry you away. Hard as it is to truly point out any one song, he and Joe together is something that should be brought to the masses live and in the flesh. Joe’s powerful and rangy voice carries with it a lot of soul that is matched 100% by Evan’s heart-driven sax.

Lipton told me; “I went into the studio without any music, fills, vamps, anything; it was just off the cuff.” He went on, “I really should thank Joe’s wife, she held off having the baby until two days after or that would not have happened!”

Truly, this music should be heard by everyone searching for something more than the usual radio fare and appreciates heartfelt music driven by the soul of the performer. His friends equal his drive including the exceptional keyboards on ‘To Where You Are’ performed by Malissa Allen.

Do yourself or someone you know a favor and buy this wonderful collection of covers performed as his own and soothe that craving for something new and perhaps, better.

Karmic Shift tracklist:

1 -Know You By Heart - Dave Koz

2 -If I Ain't Got You - Alicia Keys

3 -Hallelujah (feat. Just Joe) - Rufus Wainwright/Leonard Cohen

4 -To Where You Are (feat. Malissa Allen- on the keys) - Josh Groban

5 -The Gunner's Dream (feat. Just Joe) - Pink Floyd

6 -Angel - Sarah McLachlan

7 -The Sun Is Shining Down (feat. Just Joe) - JJ Grey and Mofro

8 -America the Beautiful - Ray Charles version