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Savage Hulk #1 review

Savage Hulk #1


This week we got a new comic from Marvel Comics. Savage Hulk became available June 25, 2014. Issue 1 was written by Alan Davis. This comic also features art and cover art by Alan Davis. Wow Mr. Davis is doing it all.

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We all know the story of Bruce Banner. His a scientist that tried to create the ultimate weapon, the gamma bomb. He was caught in a gamma explosion while trying to make the gamma bomb and BOOM! the Hulk was born. So now anytime Bruce Banner gets mad or upset he turns into the mean, green, Savage Hulk.

This issue starts off with the story of the X Men fighting the Hulk in Las Vegas. The X Men went after the Hulk because they believed that he held the key to bring Charles Xavier back from a coma and he did. Now Charles Xavier is out of his coma is determined to help the Hulk control himself and cause he less torment. This leads the X Men back out to Bruce Banner's lab in the desert in Nevada.

This comic starts off with a ton of action. We see a clip of the fight in Las Vega and then another fight between the arm and the Hulk in the desert. Alan Davis did a amazing job with the story line. It's easy to read and follow along and the art work is beautiful. The colors are so bright and had a classic comic book feel which I found amazing. If you are going to do a story that includes the first class of X Men make it look classic.

It was a very exciting read that is already making my ask what is next. And the ending really did it for me. The cliff hanger at the end was perfect. I can't wait to read the next issue that will be available July 16, 2014. Have you read Savge Hulk #1 yet? If so let me know what you thought of it by tweeting me at xoNerdyGirl. Until next time my lovely comic book nerds!