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SAUNDER presents Fall/Winter 2014 Collection during New York Fashion Week

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SAUNDER Fall/Winter 2014 Collection


For Fall / Winter 2014, SAUNDER was inspired by the 1980's BBC Miniseries 'The Singing Detective.' It is the story of a pulp novelist who is hospitalized due to a chronic skin condition, which has him laid up in bed for weeks. While he's in hospital he drifts into feverish dream sequences where he is a Noir detective and soon the noir dreamscapes start to overlap with his reality as well as mix with his memories of growing up in wartime Britain.

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This collection explores the overlap of the aesthetic of the film noir era with the aesthetic of the 1980s. It combines film fatale silhouettes with a palette and geometric patterning that date back to the 1980s.

The MEGAN ISAACS for SAUNDER F/W14 Jewelry Collection teams second collaboration together featuring ten new necklaces, takes film noir subject matter and presents it in a Pop Art way. Using materials commonly found in mass production, such as the glitter epoxy used on the smoke rings, Isaacs marries pop culture with handmade, manifesting the true principles of the Pop Art movement.