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Satanic activity and other paranormal phenomena visits Lexington, Kentucky

Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones (movie)


Paranormal is defined as "unexplained phenomena" that is generally outside the average norm. Paranormal Activity "The Marked Ones" begins in Oxnard, California in June of 2012. A high school graduate by the name of Jesse has a party to attend after his graduation ceremony. After a short while, Jesse awakens to find a mysterious bite mark on his left arm. A couple of days after the bite appears, two thugs attempt to attach Jesse and his friend, Hector. Jesse mysteriously knocks the two thugs out and has no memory or recollection of the event taking place. A couple of days later, Jesse realizes that he actually has superhero agility, speed and other supernatural abilities which he thinks is wonderful.

The strange, old witch by the name of Anna is mysteriously murdered. The police suspect Jesse's former classmate by the name of Oscar. Jesse and all of his friends are now curious about Anna and all of the noises that keep coming from her apartment. He and his friends find cult-like rituals and other satanic objects as well as pictures of Jesse and some of his family and other friends. Jesse keeps an eye out and finds and confronts Oscar about the death of Anna. Oscar reveals that he to has a bite that matches Jesse's on his arm and he then tells Jesse that he killed Anna because of what was inside him. Oscar then jumps off a building and kills himself as he falls onto a parked car on the road.

After they find this photo, Jesse's friend notices that his mother may have been friend's with the witch, Anna. Over the next couple of days, Jesse begins to act very strange. He becomes very dark, sullen and moody. Jesse is attacked by a dark figure and then awakes in his own room the next day.

Jesse becomes even more dark and satanic and everyone becomes even more worried about him. His grandmother visits a black magic shop and attempts to assist Jesse with his new dark image, but his grandmother's plan backfires right in her face.

Jesse attacks his friends but the dark cult hits Hector's car with a very big truck and kidnaps Jesse from the scene. Hector attempts to flee through another satanic gateway but he finds himself in the household of Micah and Katie which was in the first paranormal activity film. Hector pleads with Katie for help and assistance but witnesses Katie stabbing Micah to death. Jesse and his demonic cult attacks Hector again and Hector's camera falls to the ground and hits the floor. A mysterious witch picks up Hector's camera and turns it off. Needless to say, the demonic coven still remains free to possess another innocent and welcome Satan into the world yet again.

This movie critic and one of her new friends were very disappointed with this film. At first, the film keeps you on the edge of your seat and it was great but the ending was a real disappointment entirely. Don't forget your popcorn and soda but be prepared because Satan and his coven disappointed this movie critic and her friend. I am giving this movie just 3 stars and this was pushing it!! Trust me!!!