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Sarah McLachlan at Ryman - the star was out last night

Sarah McLachlan performed several songs from her new CD "Shine On"
Sarah McLachlan performed several songs from her new CD "Shine On"

Sarah McLachlan concert at Ryman, Nashville


Sarah McLachlan put on a two hour show at Ryman last night; it was everything you would expect from the philanthropist / songwriter / activist / woman with that amazing, natural voice. And more.

It was stellar.

Prior to and after the show were two “Meet n Greets” where each attendee received a hug, an autograph, and a few words exchanged with their favorite star. McLachlan is naturally chatty and obviously sincere. She greeted each person with a wide smile and hugs, personalizing each visit.

Onstage, McLachlan is a dynamo, from rocking on guitar to mellowing out at the piano. “The ukelele was the first instrument I learned to play,” she explained, cradling the instrument. “I am trying it again.” Then there was a guitar snafu with her first chord of “Building a Mystery” where she stopped the song and said, “Oh sh#@, that’s not right!” A natural.

Her voice is clean and pure. She did not falter, despite singing for two hours with just a few breaks in between, and departing for the Atlanta show immediately afterward. McLachlan has been singing, she explains, since she can recall. There is no computerized augmentation here, and she filled the Ryman with that sound. She sang many tunes from her new CD, Shine On, as well as a few older favorites. She personalized the performance with banter and soul - searching. “Adia,” she says, is about her “very best friend and the ups and downs we went through … I’m not telling the gory details,” she grins.

McLachlan has won numerous awards for her philanthropy work, including her work with high - risk children and homeless shelter animals. She does this work from the heart, without pretense. Her desire to encourage “give and receive” shows in her concert; winners from an online contest relaxed on cushy onstage couches to watch a few songs performed. She opened up the show to questions attendees penned and placed in a top hat during breaks, answering questions like, “Do you ever get stage fright?” to “bra or braless: you opinion?” It felt like you were at home with her, sitting back and laughing, singing, just visiting — along with over 1,000 other guests.

Sarah McLachlan is a natural beauty, inside and out. Her music will continue to win awards. Her work to better the world will make a positive difference for years to come. She is a true “star” performer.

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