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SanDisk Clip Sport: Lightweight clip-on MP3 player in fun colors

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SanDisk Clip Sport: Lightweight clip-on MP3 player in fun colors


It doesn't matter if you're digging a ditch, running on your treadmill, or baking a pie, an MP3 player loaded with your favorite tunes can make just about any task less of a chore, improve your outlook and put a spring in your step. The newest MP3 player from SanDisk is a similar in design to the Sansa Clip Zip but the updated larger size, front button interface and other features make the new Clip Sport worth a serious look if you're in the market for a new music player.

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In the Box

SanDisk Clip Sport MP3 Player - The Clip Sport is available in a 6 fun colors and 4GB or 8GB models. The Black and Yellow models are available in both 4GB and 8GB capacities. The Blue, Lime, and the Pink models are available in the 8GB size only. The Red Clip Sport comes only in the 4GB size.

Your Clip Sport will come with color coordinated earbud headphones with 3 different sizes of earbud cups. The cups are those little rubbery things that go in your ears. Changing the earbud cups to a different size is a simple process that requires no special tools or skill. The flat, tangle-free cable and the earbud cups will match the color of your Clip Sport. My review unit came in the Pink with 8GB of storage. The new, fun colors and the matching headphones make the Clip Sport a great gift idea for just about anyone.

A short USB cable of about 9" in length is included for charging the battery and connecting the Clip Sport to your computer for transferring media for your listening pleasure.

A printed Quick Start Guide for using the Clip Sport is included in the box but transferring files and using the player is easy and familiar for anyone who has used an MP3 player before. The Quick Start Guide will get new users up to speed with simple instructions.

Using the Clip Sport

Clip it to your clothing: The SanDisk Clip Sport, gets it's name from the large sturdy clip on the back of the player. Just use the clip to attach it to your hat, shirt collar, jacket, pocket, belt or just about anything else on your person where it will keep you entertained with your favorite tunes as you work or work out.

New Larger 1.44" Color LCD Screen: The large, clear LCD screen is 25% larger than the previous Sansa Clip Zip which makes it easier to see and navigate the folders and menu options even when your running on a treadmill. The overall size of the Clip Sport is also larger than previous models which makes it easier to hold in your hand without dropping it, which I tend to do with the smaller players.

Listening Options: Load your favorite music, audiobooks, and podcasts to the device or use the FM Tuner to listen to your favorite music on the radio. Information on SanDisk's website says 'The tuner can also interface with your health club's wall-mounted television.' I didn't test this part but it might be interesting to give it a try if you have a gym membership.

Volume Control: Buttons for controlling the volume are conveniently placed on the right side of the player so you can make sound adjustments easily even on the run.

Front Button Controls: Power on the Clip Sport by holding down the large center button on the front of the player. All the navigational buttons are located around the power button for easy access even on the run.

Ample Storage: Your Clip Sport will come with either 4GB or 8GB of internal storage available depending upon the color player you select. There is also a microSDHC card slot built-in to the side of the player that will expand your storage options even more with the purchase of a memory card sized to meet your needs. SanDisk also makes a variety of memory cards for cameras, tablets, and additional storage for music players.

Rechargeable Battery: Every SanDisk media player I have used has had exceptional battery life. The SanDisk Clip Sport continues that trend with expected battery life up to 25 hours on a charge.

Compatibility and Warranty: The SanDisk Clip Sport MP3 Player is compatible with common MP3 and AAC audio file formats, along with Audible (DRM only), FLAC, Ogg Vorbis, WAV, and WMA (no DRM) files. It is backed by a one-year limited warranty in the United States.

Workout Companion: The SanDisk Clip Sport also includes Timer and Stopwatch functions as well a a Save Log feature to track your progress.

The SanDisk Clip Sport is small, lightweight, and will clip securely to your clothing. You'll likely forget it's there except for the excellent sound quality that will accompany you on your workouts. Priced at about $40 for the 4GB and $50 for the 8GB size on Amazon, Walmart, and the SanDisk online store, the Clip Sport would make a great gift for a new graduate, a birthday, or just treat yourself.