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San Francisco's Point Break Live! and Terminator Too headed to Bonnaroo 2014

Point Break Live! Surfers in the audience during show
James Andrus

Point Break Live! San Francisco


Surfers: check.

Keanu Reeves: check.

Sky-diving scene: check.

Bonnaroo: check!

San Francisco's long running interactive theatrical production of Point Break Live! and newcomer Terminator Too: Judgement Play, will be joining the Bonnaroo 2014 music festival in Tennessee, the first of its kind to have a interactive theatrical production during a music festival of this size. Bonnaroo entertains 80,000 festival-goers with 10 music stages and comedians over four days starting on June 12th.

Point Break Live!, based on the 90's cult classic movie featuring Keanu Reeves and Patrick Swayze, is a live theatrical production where an audience member is chosen to act as Keanu Reeve's character, "Johnny Utah" for the duration for the show and the same for Terminator Too, where one lucky soul is chosen to play Arnold. The show consists of a lots of water, water guns and all sorts of crazy antics, recreation of surfing, sky-diving and reciting classic lines from the movie. Thomas Blake, director of Point Break Live describes the show, "when the audience comes to the show, you can be a kid again. It's like Disneyworld for drunk people, and has those throw-backs to people our age who wouldn't normally go to a theater show. This is an outlet for people who don't like theater, to be able to go party and drink."

Held at the DNA Lounge in San Francisco, Point Break Live! will cater to hard-core fans of the movie. If you have a seat, a poncho, which is sold in house, is necessary unless you want to be drenched by the end of the night. The element of having an audience member on stage acting with the cast gives the crowd someone to really cheer for. I had a great time at the show and couldn't believe my eyes at how creative and funny these actors were. One of the scene-stealers of the night was Tom Fugedi, who portrayed Gary Busey's "Pappas", who had a cloud of white powder trail behind him as he delivered his lines and was more like Gary Busey than Gary Busey himself.

Point Break Live! was created by Jamie Keeling in Seattle in 2003. Thomas Blake, the director of Point Break Live! and Terminator Too, got involved with the productions in 2006 in New York and traveled with the show to Los Angeles and wrote Terminator Too. The idea of the stage show performing in a bar happened by accident, according to Blake, "we accidentally ended up in a bar and we used to do it in a theater and it changed everything. We didn't have enough room on the stage, so let's do it in the audience. It's what took the show to a new level because it was rock and roll theater, at a rock and roll club."

Creator Jamie Keeling is also running Point Break Live! in New York while Thomas Blake and the west coast group travel between San Francisco and Los Angeles performing weekly in Los Angeles and monthly in San Francisco. After performing at Bonnaroo on Thursday June 12 with Point Break Live! and Friday June 13 with Terminator Too, the cast will travel to North Carolina to perform some shows before heading back to California.

For Bonnaroo, Blake describes how the show will cater to the festival audience, as they do for every show, "Every single show we change. For every place we go we write new jokes.For the festival we'll make jokes about acid and mushrooms and Elton John, because he's playing there, Kanye jokes. We're always changing it for the environment."

If you want to catch Point Break Live! and Terminator Too: Judgement Play at Bonnaroo, tickets are still on sale.

San Francisco shows have been extended until the end of the year. They start every first Friday of the month on August 1st until December. Early Terminator show at 7:30pm, Point Break Live! at 11pm on Friday nights and combo packages to see both shows in one night are also available.

For future San Francisco shows, check out their websites, Point Break Live! and Terminator Too: Judgement Play.

Also follow on Twitter: @PointBreak_Live and @TerminatorToo

Buy tickets here at DNA Lounge Point Break Live! in San Francisco

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