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Samsung UN65H8000 UHD curved 65" 4k LED TV

Samsung 65" UHD 4k UN65H8000 curved TV


Today I got an opportunity to play with one of Samsung's new 4k curved sets. I'm sure the question is what is the benefit of the curve? Well there isn't one, or at least any benefits are subtle, and outweighed by the negatives.

-Colors were pretty good out of the box with standard user adjustments.

-Black levels were good.

-Samsung went all out to make it known that this was an upper echelon product.

From a fundamental standpoint that is great, but I noticed some issues which I will get into.

The curve is subtle, but noticeable. If you sit dead center in the room right in front of the TV it is mostly unnoticeable. It may provide some benefit if you are sitting closer than normal, but you'd have to be closer than normal viewing distances to notice the benefit.

On the negative it adversely impacts viewing angles. It seems to create more backlighting uniformity issues, resulting in clouding and flashlighting.

If you sit dead center to it, it looks good, bearing in mind what little 4k material is currently available, however so does a flat 4k set. The flat versions have more uniform backlighting.

In all I'm not seeing the benefit of the curve, especially considering the premium price, as it doesn't really do anything better than a flat 4k set. Given limited 4k content why would it be worth paying more to reduce your viewing angles and introduce backlighting issues?

As a 4k owner myself I'm not against 4k and potential benefits, the smaller pixel density helps even with well recoded Blu-rays and computer content if you take that route.

That is the trouble with the curve. It really doesn't add anything, and introduces problems of its own.

My recommendation? Wait until OLED sets are more affordable if you want the curve.

If you want to see it in person most of the local Best Buy stores should stock it.

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