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Samsung Galaxy S5

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Samsung Galaxy S5


The Samsung Galaxy S5 has arrived and starting tomorrow April 11, 2014 it will be available in certain markets through AT&T and other carriers. But hopefully you were a true devotee and were right on top of it and pre-ordered so that you can have it in time for the weekend.

As far as what’s new and different from the older versions (Galaxy S3 and S4) well it isn't the design because they have stayed with the old look, plus added a little dash of the Samsung Note 3. That is a good thing because it’s made the S5 far easier to grasp. Yes, to better grip and thank goodness no more slippage.

An even better addition it is now waterproof, which is needed considering how many phones many of us have lost to a water burial (the rice method doesn't always work). Just remember to seal the charging port with the plug that is included. But if you do forget you will be alerted when the phone senses that it is at risk; still I wouldn't take it scuba diving.

My favorite fun feature is having the ability to use keywords to search through the settings, because sometimes I cannot remember under which heading I need to search to find the simplest of tasks. So this new feature helps out an ex-iPhone user. But even better than that is it’s battery saving mode which turns off all nonessential services when your power is low. Yes this phone is thinking for you. The color choices are great, even though I still opt for the white. And while it is in regular mode you still get 20% more life than the iPhone 5S.

The thing that isn't fantastic about the Samsung Galaxy 5 is the constantly blinking icons. I have no idea what I need to check first but that’s in some cases fixable. The heart rate monitor needs to be perfected a bit and dare I say so does the camera functionality. Samsung please! Cameras and televisions are your wheel house apply some of that know how to this phone.

So what does this little power house mean for our pocket books? Well with AT&T its $200 with a two-year contract or $25 monthly with their NEXT 18 plan or a whopping $650 with no commitment. You can soften that blow by checking out Amazon’s trade in program which pays $190 for an AT&T Samsung Galaxy S4, Black Mist 16GB.