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Samsara – Super Electronic Coffee Table Book

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Shot in 70 mm film, Samsara is a feast for the eyes. It doesn’t try to tell a story, but rather a lot of stories. It will fascinate and repulse you. You will marvel at your fellow human beings. Beauty and tragedy, weirdness and surprise - it has all these elements. It’s like a souped up coffee table book. Images, sound, and motion tell the stories. There are no words, but if a picture is worth a thousand, this film has plenty.

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Watching the credits roll and trying to read fast to see where the movie was shot, reveals even more. Some people that you wondered about are explained, places you couldn’t identify have possible origins. The movie is good for a discussion of what parts you loved and what parts bothered you and made you feel uncomfortable, and what were the surprises. Maybe it will inspire you to find out more. Inspiration is always to be cherished and this movie has it in spades. P.S. the biggest surprise for me was the pyramids in Egypt. It was shot from an angle that I'd never seen before and I wasn't even sure I was looking at the same place for a minute or two. Too weird. See this movie if you love photography and interesting images and you can't keep your hands off coffee table books.



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