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Saliva new album Rise Up and exclusive interview with Bobby Amaru

Rise Up by Saliva


American rockers Saliva are back with the release of their new record “Rise Up” available everywhere April 29th. The band has created a new sense of energy and a fresh outlook while maintaining their own unique sound. With a new singer in place who actually has been with the band since 2012, Saliva is, in many respects, quite new.

Saliva in photos
Saliva in photos

The new album rocks as heard and seen on the embedded video for the albums opening and title track. So what comes after that? Track 2 is “She Can Sure Hide Crazy” that continues the listeners’ rock journey with some staccato bursts with enough arena shaking riffs and hooks to please any longtime and new fan alike. Track 3, “No One But Me” has an edgier feel, a darker beginning if you will, with some seriously wicked grooves that will surely get your companions hips moving along at a show, and that my friends, is what makes rock rule the world. The band slows it up on track 4 with “Lost,” a heartfelt rock ballad with some nice guitar picking blended with soulful lyrics that are about looking within the mirror. The song kicks in as rock ballads do and it has a perfect flow. The band introduces some nice elements within the sounds of “1000 Eyes” and “Choke” that fleshes out the sound and truly shows a band that has come full circle in the two years of its present line-up. Killer tracks for the head-bangers are “Army,” and “In It To Win It” while the ones that will get your date happy and moving are “Redneck Freakshow” and “Closer.”

Bobby Amaru sounds like he has been there from the beginning and the band sounds like a fire has been lit. “Rise Up” is a gem and ranks as one of Saliva’s best works yet.

Saliva is:

Bobby Amaru- (vocals)
Wayne Swinny - (Lead Guitar)
Dave Novotny - (Bass)
Paul Crosby - (Drums)

Rise Up” tracks:

1. ‘Rise Up’
2. ‘She Can Sure Hide Crazy’
3. ‘No One But Me’
4. ‘Lost’
5. ’1000 Eyes’
6. ‘Redneck Freakshow’
7. ‘Choke’
8. ‘Army’
9. ‘Closer’
10. ‘In It To Win It’
11. ‘The Enemy’
12. ‘I Don’t Want It’

Interview with Bobby Amaru

Thanks for taking the time today Bobby, let’s get right to it and be done with this one, you had to replace the singer in a band with a lot of fans and some great music, hard to do but you seem to have done it and then some, can you talk about that?

Bobby – Stepping in, I wasn’t trying to be him. I definitely did not want to be him at all (Laughs) I just wanted to do my own thing man and bring my energy to it. People either like you or they don’t. We have been fortunate that more people have liked it than not. It’s been over two years now, by now if people ask where he is and they go say it on Facebook it’s ‘unlike’ or ‘unfriend’ you know? (laughs) By this point, if you don’t know already, then you are not into the band. (We laugh)

You did a lot of touring with the band, did all of that help you guys get tight and mesh as a group?

When I joined the band we actually went into the studio. We toured all of 2012, toured all of last year, made a record and toured and now the record is actually coming out!

Now here we are Saliva has a new album “Rise Up” about to drop, great album! How stoked is the band?

We are extremely excited man! It seems like things are moving in the right direction. The reaction from press and such, it’s starting to look good. We are happy with the record we made so yeah, we are really excited. There are a lot of really good songs on there man!

How was it writing, recording, and creating a fresh album as Saliva?

When any band goes and makes a new record, it’s pressure, there is always pressure you know? You want to create something the people will like but you have to like it yourself first. We just tried to do what we felt was good, stick to the songs and write the best songs we could. It was different for Saliva too because I think the last few records they did were kind of like, stale, like they were trying to fulfill their contract for the label. It wasn’t like they were excited to do it.

With this record, we challenged each other to come up with the best stuff, try different grooves and try different things, try and just make it fresh if that makes sense. I mean there are still elements that are going to sound like Saliva because the guys, their in the band playing the stuff. There is good balance and a little bit for everybody. There are certain songs on there that I don’t think they ever would have done on a Saliva record. That was the challenge we were up against, you know?

The title track “Rise Up” is a killer track, blasted my speakers out to it, can you talk about that song? Cool video for it too man.

Just overcoming everyday challenges, rise up. It’s uplifting but it still gets you amped up, it has that ‘arena rock’ riff Saliva stamp to it. Lyrically a statement song, standing for what you believe in and not taking life for granted you know, tomorrow can be the end.

The video, the way the video came out, we had a lot of directors submit a lot of different treatments and that one just stood out to us, the whole “Mad Max” theme, a kind of different deal. Everyone saw it from different computers or whatever but everyone agreed on that one.

Listening to the album, it’s just killer music and the videos I have seen; the band looks re-energized, Redneck Freakshow, I have to know where this one came from.

That was a song, we were in the studio, they were talking about something like “Duck Dynasty” or something like that and how cameras had followed this band around on tour for a few days and how that can affect that crazy of craziest days you know? But, the band put the kibosh on it and decided not to do the reality show because they were going to be a reality show at one time. The title of it, no one even knew what it was going to be, someone said Redneck Freakshow (laughs) so then we wrote the song about our fans and us, fun party stuff!

Is there anything you want to say to the fans?

We appreciate all the Saliva fans and people who support rock music in general. Our record will be out April 29th and that’s about it!


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