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SALEWA Capsico Insulated shoes: Happy feet after a play day in the mountains

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SALEWA Capsico Insulated shoes


The SALEWA Capsico Insulated is not your typical après-skiing or après-ice/mixed climbing shoe. This maximum comfort shoe can be slipped on without any adjustments to wear as a sandal, or if you’d prefer the back of your foot to be covered, you can make a simple adjustment and pull the back of the shoe up. And the fact that you can wear it while en route on snow or ice just adds to some of the nice aspects of the Capsico.

The Capsico comes with PrimaLoft insulation that helps keep those feet cozy warm. The upper is made of Nubuk leather plus a waterproof membrane to keep your feet dry, and they have nylon containment straps. The lining is breathable mesh, and the 3F Vario System helps ensure superb comfort among the other features. Another special feature is the outsole. The look and characteristics of the sole were inspired by the automobile industry as the Capsico Insulated tread profile resembles that of a winter tire. It is made of EVA shock absorber plus multi-season thread specifics which enables improved traction on cold surfaces, so your footing is secure no matter where you go.

The Capsico Insulated shoes went on an ice climbing trip with me and have really been my “walk-around-the-house” shoes for the winter as well as after outdoor winter adventure shoe. They’re just so comfortable. It feels like a comfy slipper with an extra bit of “oomph” with that sure footing provided by the outsole, so you can easily transition from warm/cozy inside to winter/ice outside without having to change your shoes.

After three full days of ice and mixed climbing, hiking and trudging around in mountaineering boots and crampons, it was extremely nice to put the Capsico Insulated shoes on. The cabin we stayed at had an icy driveway, but the rugged outsoles on the shoes gripped on that ice, so there were no slipping incidents. It was quite reassuring especially when taking the climbing gear in and out of the cars.

Your feet will be quite happy and appreciative while wearing the SALEWA Capsico Insulated shoes. As much as many of us enjoy shredding through the snow or climbing the ice and rock on mixed routes, it’s always a treat when you can slip your busy feet into something that surrounds them like a security blanket. Everyone should have a pair of the Capsico Insulated shoes, especially after a long, grueling day of adventure.

The SALEWA Capsico Insulated shoes will be available in fall/winter 2014. You don’t have to wait to see the versatility or feel the comfort of the Capsico. The Capsico without insulation is available to purchase now at or Black Diamond Retail.

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