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Saints Row: the 3rd (PC) review

The crib.  This is where you'll be starting from whenever you continue.
The crib. This is where you'll be starting from whenever you continue.
Ken Kriho

Saint's Row: the 3rd (PC)


Saints Row: the Third is an RPG/action adventure hybrid game released for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Windows on November 15th, 2011. The game was developed by Volition and published by THQ. The story follows the Saints continuing their rise to becoming the top group in Stilwater. An organized crime group the Syndicate wants to buy the Saints out, but they refuse, escape the Syndicate, and they end up in Steelport, a dystopia controlled by the Syndicate. Will you join the fight against the Syndicate, or let everything deteriorate into a war-ridden mess?

Title/menu screen of Saints Row the 3rd
Ken Kriho

Graphics-The graphics aren’t the greatest, but they do a decent job of making Steelport very dystopia-esque. Character models feel like they’re a dime a dozen, and while there is variety from character to character, you’ll get a sense of déjà vu after a short while.

Sound-The highlight of the game is the soundtrack. It has a variety of genres, from hip hop to classic, and the songs fit into the game very well. The voice acting is also well done, with famous actors like Hulk Hogan, Rob Van Dam, Robin Atkins Downes, and so on.

Gameplay-Like Grand Theft Auto, Elder Scrolls V, and many other open word games, there’s so much to do. You can partake in a variety of missions, and each mission is well crafted. You gain respect (XP points) by completing missions, buying buildings, and other activities to level up. With so many options to build up your character, there’s an endless combination.

Controls-The controls are very responsive and well done, but the vehicles take some getting used to. The cars are the easiest, the helicopters can be tricky, but passable, and the planes take some getting used to.

Overall-Saints Row: the Third is a solid game. With so much to do, you’ll be kept busy for hours.

Score: 4/5

You can get Saints Row: the Third from the following sites

Steam: Click here.

Xbox Live: Click here.

PSN: Click here.

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