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Saints Row IV (PC) review

An example of the simulated Steelport.  Not exactly original, but it looks nice.
An example of the simulated Steelport. Not exactly original, but it looks nice.
Ken Kriho

Saints Row IV (PC)


Saints Row IV is an action adventure/RPG hybrid released for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Windows on August 20th, 2013. The game was developed by Volition and published by Deep Silver. The story follows the main character, leader of the third street Saints, as president of the United States (imagine if he/she was President in real life). Aliens kidnap the President (yeah, not exactly possible) and send him/her into a computer simulated Steelport, and your character has to escape back into reality. Is this game a worthy successor to Saints Row the Third, or a simulation that doesn’t exist?

Saints Row IV title/menu
Ken Kriho

Graphics-While nothing really noticeable, the graphics are a small step up from Saints Row the Third. The lighting is a little more apparent, and details are a little crisper. The developers did a great job with the sci-fi look of the city, but falls flat in originality.

Sound-The soundtrack is the highlight of the game. The soundtrack isn’t as great as in Saints Row: the Third (who can’t resist listening to William Tell overture while blowing stuff up?), but the songs are still enjoyable to listen to. The voice acting is still good, but doesn’t sound interesting enough.

Gameplay-Gameplay remains the same as in the previous games, but one new feature is the ability to upgrade powers in order to perform superhuman abilities.

Humor-Of the four Saints Row games’ humor, this would rank number 1 in the humor department. The game throws in a lot of weird stuff that would cause a chuckle or two, but the dialogue has been done to death before.

Overall-While the story is semi-original; the game itself is pretty much the same game as the others, but with minor tweaks and a new ability.

Score: 4/5

You can get Saints Row IV from the following sites

Steam: Click here.

Xbox Live: Click here.

PSN: Click here.

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