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Sailor Moon Crystal "Act 4 - Masquerade Dance Party"

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Sailor Moon Crystal "Act 4 - Masquerade Dance Party"


Four episodes in and we've already been introduced to three of the Sailor Guardians. New Sailor Guardians aren't introduced in this episode, but this episode gives us a feel for the three guardians working together as a team. We also see Luna profiling the team and she questions Mamoru Chiba, is he a friend or a foe?
"Act Four - Masquerade Dance Party" starts off where the last episode ended, where we saw a "Legendary Secret Treasure" being held by security guards. There are road blocks and a lot of police officers in the streets, and the students of Juban Public Middle School wonder what's going on. Naru Osaka tells her fellow classmates that Princess D from the Kingdom of D, the country that produces the most precious stones, is visiting Japan at that moment. Naru also states that Princess D's legendary secret treasure will be exhibited at a dinner party that night for the first time ever. Luna wonders, a Princess...a legendary secret this what the Sailor Guardians are looking for? Naturally, Usagi wants to go to this dinner party, even though Rei thinks it's a bad idea.
At the arcade, Luna, Ami, and Rei wait for Usagi, but she has detention for sleeping in class, so they have to wait for her to arrive. Once she arrives, Luna tells the Sailor Guardians everything, their mission, their battle with the Youma, the "Legendary Silver Crystal," everything. While Luna's in deep conversation, she, Ami, and Rei notice that Usagi stopped paying attention, and she's playing the "Sailor V" arcade game. Luna's not happy about this, so she claws at Usagi's head.
At the Dark Kingdom, we see the Four Kings kneeling before Queen Beryl, and with the "Legendary Silver Crystal," she tells them they can revive their great ruler. At the same time, she wonders if the crystal really does possess such tremendous power.
Back at home, Usagi uses her transformation pen to turn into a princess. From here, Usagi, Ami, and Rei go to the dinner party, but at the gate, Luna isn't allowed in because there are no pets allowed. Being a Masquerade party, Usagi feels overly excited, and heads upstairs to dance. Meanwhile, Ami and Rei continue to investigate the premises. They notice Princess D enter a room with a mysterious woman. Outside on the balcony, Tuxedo Mask shows up and asks Usagi to dance with him. They dance, and Usagi feels warm inside, like something's familiar to her.
In the room, the mysterious woman reveals herself to be a Youma to Princess D and possesses her. Ami and Rei walk in and transform into Sailor Mercury and Sailor Mars. The possessed Princess D runs towards Usagi, and the Princess knocks her over the balcony, but Tuxedo Mask catches Usagi in time. Usagi transforms into Sailor Moon and the Sailor Guardians save the Princess. Then the Four Kings show themselves to the Sailor Guardians and Luna. They introduce themselves and exchange some words, so now the Sailor Guardians know who they're going up against. The final scene here questions Luna again, is Tuxedo Mask a friend or a foe? The ending scene of Act 4 shows a pony-tailed girl running in the rain...and we see thunder in the skies, as she says, "The storm arrives."
Sailor Moon Crystal proves to be a continued success, thus far, there have been no "filler" episodes. Even though a new Sailor Guardian wasn't introduced in this episode, we were able to see the girls fight as a team without introductions, so they know what they're each capable of doing. The nice part of this episode is that Luna gives the viewers a brief reintroduction to the main characters, and this is great for new viewers. It was also great to see the Four Kings together in a few scenes, this didn't happen in the original series, one died and another was introduced. The dance scene with Usagi and Tuxedo Mask was beautiful. The music that was playing in the background was flawless, it made this scene that much more memorable. The Sailor Moon transformation scene was different, because her tiara was damaged in the previous episode, and this goes to show us that the transformation scenes will change from time to time depending on certain situations. Getting a glimpse of Makoto Kino, as fans know she's Sailor Jupiter, was an exciting way to end this episode. Once again, the next episode is one that we'll all be excited and looking forward to watching. What an amazing episode this is, I rate it 4.5 out of 5 stars. Episode 5, titled "Makoto - Sailor Jupiter," will premiere on September 6th. Sailor Moon Crystal is the new anime for the 20th anniversary of Sailor Moon by Toei Animation Co., LTD. Sailor Moon characters created by Naoko Takeuchi, is directed by Munehisa Sakai, and licensed by Viz Media. New and past episodes stream on Crunchyroll, HULU, Viz/Neonalley, and Niconico.


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