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Sailor Moon Crystal "Act 2 - Ami - Sailor Mercury"

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Sailor Moon Crystal "Act 2 - Ami - Sailor Mercury"


Sailor Moon Crystal episode 1 ended with a glimpse of Ami Mizuno, who fans know as Sailor Mercury. Episode 2 titled "Ami - Sailor Mercury" reintroduces the viewers to her, and we see that she is an ace student, solving complex math problems on the chalk board and getting 100% on her exams. Ami studies on her breaks and she is very reserved. Unlike Usagi, who is seen walking out of the school with her three friends, when asked how she did on her exams, Usagi's response was "Don't ask."

After the opening credits, we see Jadeite kneeling before Queen Beryl, and this time we get a better look at the Queen, but she's not too happy with Jadeite, because he hasn't located the "Legendary Silver Crystal." Looking at Jadeite's face, he looks terrified of Queen Beryl. The Queen sends Jadeite to collect more energies from the humans, so he conjures up another evil entity.

Usagi arrives home, and as usual, she lies down on her bed wanting to rest and she's starving, but Luna tells her there's no time to rest and that evil will appear again. Luna also tells Usagi to find her allies, and that she may have a lead on another Sailor Guardian. There is a scene where we see Luna in another dimension viewing Ami's profile.

The next day at school, the students talk about Ami, her grades, and her personal life. Later on, Luna jumps on Ami's shoulder, and this is the way that Usagi and Ami are formally introduced to each other. In her excitement, Usagi invites Ami to the arcade. There, Usagi plays her favorite Sailor V game, and Ami watches her play, studying her every move. When Ami plays the game, she masters it due to her focus, concentration, and smarts...all from studying Usagi's time playing. Ami gets the highest score and has a crowd watching her play. Due to Ami's high score, a colorful pen comes out of the machine, and due to jealousy, Usagi shakes the machine until one falls out for her also.

Ami heads out to a seminar, because she's a top student, and she wants to be a doctor like her mom. Strange things are happening to the students at this seminar, the CD they're putting in the disc drive is brainwashing them all. The teacher is really the evil entity that Jadeite conjured up, and she's stealing the student's energies. Ami is now possessed.

Usagi runs into Mamoru again, and once again, he's wearing a tuxedo in broad daylight. Usagi gets a hold of one of the CD's, and views it with Luna. Then they find out about the evil scheme that the teacher is up to. Luna tells Usagi to use the pen (from the arcade) to transform into anything she wants, so Usagi transforms into a doctor, and heads over to the room where Ami is being brainwashed. We see Usagi transform into Sailor Moon, and she has a difficult time defeating the enemy. Luna tells Ami to pull out her colorful pen and say the magic words, and we get to see Ami transform into Sailor Mercury for the first time in this new series. The two Sailor Guardians defeat the enemy, and Jadeite is seen from afar, realizing that there's a new Sailor Guardian around, and he doesn't look happy. The episode ends with a brief glimpse of Rei Hino, also known as Sailor Mars, who will make her first appearance next episode.

This is another great episode in this new Sailor Moon series. Ami has a nice introduction, and her transformation into Sailor Mercury is well executed. It far surpassed the original transformation scene which seemed too short and kind of boring compared to the other Sailor Scouts. The animators give justice to Ami/Sailor Mercury, and that's good because she's a lovely character. Overall, this is another introductory episode for a major character, and it seems like the five Sailor Guardians will be introduced a lot sooner than they were in the original series. I give Sailor Moon Crystal "Act 2 - Ami - Sailor Mercury" 4 out of 5 stars, it has a good story and great characterization. I'm looking forward to the next episode, since Rei Hino/Sailor Mars is my favorite character from this series, so we'll see what happens in episode 3, which will premiere on August 2nd. Sailor Moon Crystal is the new anime for the 20th anniversary of Sailor Moon by Toei Animation Co., LTD. Sailor Moon characters created by Naoko Takeuchi, is directed by Munehisa Sakai, and licensed by Viz Media. New and past episodes stream on Crunchyroll, HULU, Viz/Neonalley, and Niconico.


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