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Saffron Road's Korean style tacos are the real deal

Saffron Road's Korean tacos


Melding a particular ethnicity into various types of food has been done for what seems like eons. So it stands to reason that there should be no reason to access this melting pot of culinary wisdom into a quick bite. Saffron Road has introduced tacos homogenized within the Korean spectrum of scrumptious ingredients. More clearly, Saffron Road’s Korean style chicken taco and Korean tofu taco are on the menu for today and as a whole are extremely delightful.

Korean tacos with tofu or chicken are every bit as legit as they seem

Personally, I never would have even pretended to come up with an idea such as a taco, stuffed with tofu and given a Korean twist, but be still my beating heart it works. Additionally, the Korean style chicken taco is, may I say, more adapt to the heirloom corn tortilla Saffron Road uses in these exquisite snacks then I initially thought. They’re frozen I mind you but the two minute cook time is well worth it.

While admittedly clumsy, these tacos do turn in the flavor, on time and complete. The chicken taco with Korean inspiration tastes of the cobbled streets in Korea, of which are lined with the smell of octopus and crunchy cabbage. There is no mistaking the heirloom corn that is gorgeously present within the tortilla and the addition of scallions, carrots, vinegar and sesame seeds are an authentic touch.

As stated previously, the tacos themselves are a bit klutzy but they do come in an absolutely adorable package which whisks all issues away with anime eyes and the bus shaped box they’re in is delightful. I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of ingredients in both the tofu and chicken. Furthermore, there were actual ingredients in the tacos *gasp” not byproducts or fillers.

So take the two minutes and sit down in the heart of Korea, enjoy the tofu and chicken, wrapped in a tortilla!