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Safe House: Washington and Reynolds star in action packed new thriller

Safe House


Ryan Reynolds and Denzel Washington star in the solid action thriller “Safe House”. Reynolds plays Matt Weston, a CIA agent in charge of a safe house, a secret location where suspects are taken to be detained and questioned. Reynolds is bored looking at the four walls day in and day out without anything happening. In the next 24 hours, his whole world changes.

Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds make an unlikely team in "Safe House"

Enter Tobin Frost (Denzel Washington), a former CIA agent turned traitor, who while on the run finds reprieve at the US consulate in South Africa. Tobin is then detained by the CIA and taken to Weston’s (Reynolds) safe house. Due to an unexpected turn of events, Tobin and Weston end up on the run together. Weston is charged with keeping Tobin safe and making it to another safe house. This will not be a simple assignment as Tobin will do everything in his power not to make it easy on the CIA novice. Who is chasing Tobin and just what are they after is just part of the mystery in this slam bang action thriller.

The film heralds two new talents both writer David Guggenheim and director Daniel Espinosa. Together they are a force to be reckoned with. The film’s grainy look gives it another edge. It says this is a movie filled with raw energy. The South African locations are equally impressive. The film seems like a weird combination of “Traffic” (the look), “Die Hard” (the action), and “Syriana” (the politics) in its feel but it works exceptionally well. A cast of familiar faces including Vera Farmiga, Brendan Gleeson, and Sam Shepherd help make “Safe House” a ride worth taking. Denzel is at his best in his role as Tobin and Reynolds acquits himself very nicely in his first action-thriller hero type role. “Safe House” is a movie with a lot of action, unexpected twists, and political intrigue. On the minus side, there are some predictable elements to the film where the audience will be at least one step ahead of the film but the films energy and the good performances by the two leads more than make up for any minor shortcomings. Audiences will find themselves at the edge of their seat until the satisfying conclusion.“Safe House” grabs you and never lets go. “Safe House” is a crackerjack surprise of a film and a real winner.

Bottom Line:
"Safe House" is an entertainingly wild ride that's well worth taking.

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