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‘Sabotage,’ one of year’s worst, now on DVD



Arnie is back, but he should have stayed far, far away from “Sabotage,” now available on DVD. Serious acting co-stars Sam Worthington, Terrence Howard and Mireille Enos (AMC’s “The Killing”) should have done the same. That more than competent cast is sunk from the get-go in a violent and vile excuse for a script directed and co-written by David Ayer, the man behind “End of Watch” and “Training Day.” Those credentials have thrown together one of the worst films of this year and possibly the single worst movie in Arnold Schwarzenegger’s career.

“Sabotage” opens with Arnie attempting a dramatic acting moment as he suffers the images of a woman being tortured on a video monitor. We then jump eight months ahead to learn he is John “Breacher” Wharton, the leader of a DEA special ops unit en route to a raid on a cartel mansion. His team also has cool names such as “Monster” (Worthington), and “Sugar” (Howard). However, “Monster’s” wife, Lizzy (Enos), simply goes by her given name. She makes up for it though with a fierce nature and some kick-butt moves that make her much more monster-like.

After several childish comments regarding someone passing gas, they arrive at their target with more than lawful business on their minds. They leave the compound a bloody mess as they shoot and blast their way to a $10 million heist of the cartel’s cash. Ripping aside a filthy toilet that no one should ever have to see, they drop the cash down the sewage pipe. When they return to collect it, they find it’s already been snatched. After this lengthy intro, the movie becomes a hackneyed psycho killer flick as members of the team start getting bumped off.

“Sabotage” is a poorly executed collection of stock elements from a couple of genres. Even the title shows no imagination or creativity. Lots of gory gunplay and profanity try to make it an action packed crime-thriller. Ridiculously elaborate murders look to capture the interest of horror film fans. And then, completely out of nowhere, Schwarzenegger and the adversarial investigator (Olivia Williams) checking out his team decide to hit the sack.

If you like action movies, skip it. If you like serial killer thrillers, skip it. If you’re an Arnie fan, please skip it. It’s anyone’s guess why the role was offered to him or why he took it as it gives him nothing to do except look old. Even Arnie is above this tripe.