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Ryan Sullivan's fine fantasy tale, rich with imagery and intrigue

Aundes Aura by Ryan Sullvan
Aundes Aura by Ryan Sullvan
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Having an aura is a magical gift of the gods in indie fantasy author Ryan Sullivan’s Aundes Aura, unfortunately, it’s also a dangerous thing. Eoin and his sister Saera they find this out as Regency guards arrest their father and they flee across the country of Tarne. Saera carries the goddess Aundes’ aura and people fear what she might do with it, specifically, the Regency who runs all Duthonne, and their attendant Church. It turns out many, all over the world distrust her. They fear her potential and will hunt down all who possess such auras.

Fortunately, though, Saera and Eoin find an ally in Faine. He has spent his life as a gladiator in the Grand Arena, and can help them when they can’t fight, every side that lines up against them. Since they must trek across the globe with the Regency in hot pursuit, Eoin will have to learn fast and trust everyone from a gladiator to pirates, to a thief king—individuals he would’ve never trusted before—in order to protect his sister. And they must trust even those they would once term enemies.

Sixteen-year-old Saera doesn’t know what to make of all this. Her father missing, and she suddenly hunted as an outlaw and fiend. All she can do is put her trust in Eoin and the men around her. She can’t help taking out her fears on those around her, nor falling in love with the dashing Faine.

They’ll need all the help they can get. It just may take a little more, and little cooperation on both their parts, than Saera and Eoin ever expected. But will it save them, and their country?

A fine fantasy tale, rich with imagery and intrigue, and endearing character, Aundes Aura brings all the elements of classic fantasy into play. Any fan of Game of Thrones or even fans of the author Tamora Pierce might find Aundes Aura an enjoyable saga. Aundes Aura is just the first The Válkia Chronicles, and author Ryan Sullivan promises a sequel, soon. I look forward to continuing the Válkia saga. If you’d like to check Aundes Aura check it out, it is available in Ebook and paperback at Amazon.

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***This book given to me by the author for an honest review.