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Ryan Hansen takes social media to another level in ‘Friended to Death’

Friended To Death


In a world where most social interaction is almost exclusively online through social media it was only a matter of time before more aspects began to show up in films. Hot off the Veronica Mars film, Ryan Hansen is taking on just this subject with his latest film Friended to Death, but will it be able to juggle the comedic nature and the importance of this issue together or will it need to be unfriended?

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Friended to Death follows a social media junkie who fakes his own death via social media just to see which of his "friends" will show up to the funeral. The idea behind this film showcases a couple of important issues in today’s society but using dark comedy to keep it from being too deep. Hansen does a great job with this character bringing enough to keep his obnoxious nature that you understand why people act the way they do about him, but also feel bad for him. The idea seems a bit silly, but plays perfect for the crazy dark comedy it is, but also allows the sadness of this guy’s existence to represent a lot of people that are living the same way without getting too heavy. As a comedy it works well bringing some old school creativity to the characters having them trying to trick each other and hold the lie together which when does right is fun and here it does work. There are numerous moments that are just silly and downright mean that sometimes makes you wonder why the guy keeps helping him, but it showcases the loneliness of them both just in different ways.

While this film is all comedy, there are some cleverly crafted undertones that actually make this film deliver a bigger message, but whether you can read in to it or not it is still worth checking out. Hansen makes for a great lead and it is surprising he hasn’t headlined more, but let’s hope we see more from him soon. Send your friend request and check out Friended to Death when it premieres on VOD on May 9th.