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Rust- Alpha Review

Rust Alpha


Before I begin this article, I do have to give the creators some slack. This game is in alpha. There has to be fine tuning to anything to make it perfect and I respect the fact that you made it open for the public to test and try in order to perfect any bugs that you may have. That being said...

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This game is not even close to being ready for even an alpha stage. While I understand that bugs are common in alpha it does not help anybody's case to have a game that is completely unplayable. I'm not talking of course about in game bugs. I'm talking about the loading: this being the problem for the Mac OSX port. As I speak I am now in my 14th attempt of loading for just this evening. I have tried many different times on many different settings. I did what online forums requested, but it would just cause the game to freeze at a different part of the loading process...

Let's go with the P.C now. Choppy, just choppy. Now before anybody goes calling the "graphics card or internet problem" I'll go on the statement that I played on a relatively small server with only a few people on it. My bandwidth allowed downloads to over 4mb/s and my graphics card was an nvidia Gtx 650m. There is no circumstance that this game should be lagging whatsoever but it was.

Next issue I had. The gameplay was just as irksome as the game itself. First off, advice to the people who designed crafting... what the heck? You should not rely on a rare resource to build some of the most basic tools to survive. In my whole time in the game which spanned a whole 3 choppy graphics, pain strikingly frustrated time, I didn't find a bit of stone. Couldn't mine anything. I couldn't craft, I couldn't survive, I couldn't do anything except whack trees and get killed by zombies or the few players who already had guns. I have no idea for the life of me how they managed to exhibit the patience to get that far, but they did. The server's players must of all found zen without me I suppose.

The game possesses no story, but then again it's a sandbox and I had no problem with Minecraft or DayZ so I wont complain against you for it but really? REALLY? This game isn't hard, it's unfair. Make the game more playable, or at least, loadable. We'll talk more from there.

Of course, if you want to see if you can try to make your way in this game you can pick it up from Steam for Mac OSX and PC.

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