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'Rush' is very impressive

Rush (2013)


Cars and movies go together well. From the perfunctory family wagon in "Adventures in Babysitting" to the infamous red Ferrari in "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" to the Bluesmobile in "The Blues Brothers," this column has featured several films in which cars play a key role. While all these are fictional renderings, Ron Howard, a director known for making true stories into credible movies, took on a true story of professional drivers and their cars in his 2013 film "Rush."

Set in the 1970s, "Rush" stars Chris Hemsworth as James Hunt, an English Formula 1 racer. The movie focuses on his relationship with his rival, Niki Lauda (played by Daniel Bruhl), an Austrian driver as ambitious as he is. It follows their professional and personal lives, and of course their cars, over a period of several years. James is the more reckless of the two. Although he is a womanizer, he marries supermodel Suzy Miller (played by Olivia Wilde). But the marriage does not survive their selfish lifestyles. Niki is very methodical. His relationship with his girlfriend and eventual wife, Marlene (played by Alexandra Maria Lara), is more successful than James's relationship with Suzy. He nearly dies in a racing accident, but his eagerness to resume racing fuels his recovery and even moves him to leave the hospital ahead of schedule.

Ron Howard does a great job directing "Rush." He brings a lot of style to the film, especially in the race scenes.

The movie has a taut screenplay. It shows the unglamorous side of the sport as we see that James and his team struggle to get sponsors.

Chris Hemsworth and Daniel Bruhl are flawless in the lead roles. Hemsworth brings a lot of charm to his callous character. Bruhl shows that Niki is very smart and is willing to do anything to get ahead.

"Rush" is a great choice for fans of Ron Howard.