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Running gear review: Koss Fit Series headphones for women

The new Koss Fit Series FitClips for active women.
The new Koss Fit Series FitClips for active women.

Koss Fit Series FitClips for women


Active women sometimes have a difficult time finding earbuds or headphones that actually fit. Many are too large, and easily pop out as you run or start to sweat.

The new Koss Fit Series headphones were designed specifically for women with the help of Olympic champion swimmer Dara Torres. They come in two different models--a clip and a bud--and at $29.99 a pop they're a bargain.

The Koss FitClips have a clip that goes around the ear to make sure the buds stay in place. The Koss FitBuds are some of the smallest on the market, measuring in at six millimeters in diameter, 33 percent smaller than the average Koss earbud.

I recently tested the Koss FitClips on a variety of training runs, including speed work, and found the design to be comfortable and the buds to stay in place even as I jumped around on bumpy trails.

The bud covers come in three different sizes, making it easier to find a perfect fit. The flexible clips wrap around the ear while twisting the bud into your ear canal, providing an excellent seal and locking the bud in place.

Some clips are hard plastic. They don’t fit properly and often make a squeaky noise when you run. The Koss FitClips are made from a lightweight rubber that hugs you ear without bouncing around. The soft rubber is comfortable, and my ears didn’t get sore after two hour plus runs.

The clips, buds and cords are sweat resistant, so you don’t have to worry about shorting them out if you sweat a lot or head out in the rain. The four foot cord is ample for most arm and waist band carriers.

The sound quality of the Koss is very good, which is expected given that Koss has been in the business since 1958. While they’re not going to blow away your $99 buds, the FitClips are great for running, providing adequate sound that isn’t overly tinny like many headphones under $30.

The Koss FitClips come in five bright colors and are available on-line and at Walmart stores across the country.