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Run farther more often with the Nike+ Running app

Run farther more often with the Nike+ Running app
Abigail Wise

Nike + Running app


I've been using Nike+ Running for about two years. I first started using it to train for my first half marathon, switching over from Map My Run simply because my friend, who I was training with, used Nike. I've never gone back. I'm now a fully dedicated Nike+ runner because of the motivation the smartphone app offers people like me, who have a love-hate relationship with the sport. Here's what I like and dislike about Nike+ Running:


  • The app is highly customizable, especially when it comes to goals. Set each run based on distance, time or just running in general. Then, you can have the app tell you when you hit every two miles, at the half-way point and/or when you're nearing the end of your run.
  • The voices that report time, distance and progress aren't robotic at all. They're incredibly encouraging and say things like, "You're almost there! Tap now for a power boost," at which point you can tap and play one of your previously logged pump-up jams to get you through the last stretch.
  • Add friends and track your progress against theirs. I find this incredibly motivating. When I log on and see that two of my friends have already hit 10 miles that week, I get my butt moving fast.
  • Challenge friends to distance races for an extra kick of inspiration.
  • Your activity is charted in handy graphs that you can scroll through, documenting your progress over time.
  • Document the weather, terrain and your mood. This is helpful if you've had a particularly good or bad day, you can always look back and see if it could be tied to your elements or mood.
  • It's free to download and use, without being cluttered with ads.


  • It's not always the greatest at tracking distance unless you have really great service. The Nike team has also improved their app's ability to track indoor running, but it's still not a perfect science. Any time it miscalculates a run, you can email support and they'll log the correct distance and time for you, but it is a bit annoying and a kink I'd expected Nike to have worked out by now.

Bottom line: I love Nike+ Running. I tell all my friends to download the app and I'm a 100% loyal user.