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Rum review: Captain Morgan 1671 Commemorative Blend

Captain Morgan 1671 Commemorative Blend
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Captain Morgan 1671 Commemorative Blend


The Captain has been a busy boy... er, pirate, releasing yet another new rum offering, the Captain Morgan 1671 Commemorative Blend. Slated to be a limited-time only release, the Commemorative Blend is inspired by Captain Henry Morgan’s victorious raid on the Spanish in 1671, where he lost his beloved flagship,The Satisfaction.

The Commemorative Blend begins with St. Croix rum instilled with a unique blend of spices and is finished through Spanish Oak, the commemorative blend contains elements derived from the type of barrels that were believed to have been on board The Satisfaction. The result is a luxurious, full-bodied rum with a silky mouth-feel and well-balanced sweet ‘n spicy flavor.

Nose: Strong, sweet whiffs of vanilla/caramel.

Taste: A commingling of sweet and spicy notes; dominant vanilla, caramel, and dark-fruit flavors spiked with bold spices including cinnamon that possesses a smooth, silky mouth-feel.

Appearance: A light and lovely butterscotch hue.

Best Use: As an after-dinner dessert drink, sipped chilled on the rocks.

Captain Morgan 1671 Commemorative Blend is available now, so snag yourself a bottle before it’s gone forever, much like the Captain’s beloved Satisfaction.

Captain Morgan 1671 Commemorative Blend is 70 proof (35% ABV)

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