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Roxanne's Hair Studio: insert cheesy "rocking it" tagline here.

The chairs
The chairsSara B.

Roxanne's Hair Studio


Hello, friends. I've been busy lately, so no article. So now I need to deliver a great suggestion, yes? Here y'all go. (Sorry to my Southern readers if I totally messed up the use of "y'all", I am from the North, so apologies abound.) This story takes place after I slapped my Swedish ancestors in the face by dying my light blonde locks to a strawberry hue, and though the color was very pretty, it was totally not me. At all. What's the great x 125 granddaughter of Sven Svennson to do? After a desperate call to a salon with a pretty Facebook profile picture, I was set to come in that same afternoon. Rare.

Roxanne's on 28th street, near the Centerpointe shopping center (and Ulta, but that's another obsession to be discussed later) is probably the most beautiful salon I have ever walked in to. Literally, I had to walk there from my apartment and the employees there had the good graces to not make fun of my wind-harassed hair and less-than-attractive heavy breathing - I was half jogging due to the audacious March cold here in Michigan - so huge plus to them. Good job, girls, politeness gets you places.

So yes, beautiful. I was told by my hairdresser Nicole that the owner of the salon decorated, painted, and furnished the entire place by herself, and the word that came to mind when poking around (I am nothing if not the most nosy writer in Grand Rapids) was "classy". I gulped down the water offered once I settled down in my comfy chair and took the salon in. The turquoise walls are accented by black furniture - chairs, dressers-instead-of-boring-tables-for-stations (that's totally an official term) and the occasional pop of yellow - a cheery flower brightens up the semi-private area for hair processing, (apparently, others are self conscious when their hair is in foils and they have to sit underneath a salad bowl hair dryer - either I am really confident or just lack the shame gene) which is a welcome sight as I read all the writing that is also painted on the walls.

Before I started chatting up Nicole (poor soul) I tried to explain to her what I was looking for, and she helped me decide that maybe an all over bleach was a terrible idea (I do makeup, not hair, so I really need a lot of consultation when it comes to my locks) and instead, a full highlight would be more up my ally. Nicole is a striking lady with an admirable amount of patience and skill, and was able to tame my frizzy mane with some excellent products. Roxanne's uses Surface hair products, which is a line that boasts "respecting personal health and the earth" and makes hair smell pretty fine. ( I also agreed to an additional service, and am very glad I did - since Nicole could tell my hair has been through war - I am a veteran of the ole' frost n' tip service from my mother - she recommended a deep-conditioning treatment that truly made my hair feel amazing. I really couldn't stop touching it.

So what makes Roxanne's any different from every other salon that has pretty paint on the walls and stylists with impeccable eyebrow maintenance skills? I think it's their customer service. I was able to come in right away and given a full tour of the place, and allowed significant time to fangirl over it before being ushered to a chair and offered water before Nicole started asking about what I needed with my hair. Afterwards, I was educated a bit about how to style my hair (read: I'm hair-clueless) and how often I should come in for root touch-ups. I thought it was over once I paid, chatted up the owner, and walked home, but then a beautiful thank-you card arrived in the mail, personally signed by Nicole, thanking me for taking the time to see her and entrusting her with my hair. I thought that was a very nice touch, and also an excellent reminder that, oh, I have hair on my head, and I should probably schedule some maintenance. I literally cannot think of a bad thing to say - I try to be objective when writing reviews but I suppose I was so impressed by the chandelier hanging from the ceiling that I am stupid now.

Now, the deets you all need: Roxanne's is a little hidden from 28th on the corner (which is fine, I would hate staring right at those awful potholes anyways) at 3769 28th St SE Ste C in Grand Rapids. They offer hair services including styling, eyelash placement, makeup application, massages, and waxing. Call (616)285-0800 to set up an appointment, and don't stress if you don't really know what you're doing. They're good at consulting. My total including a 20% tip came to about $70 (including the extra conditioning service option) and I got a honk on my way back home. Worth it.