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Round the clock Korean dining to be found at Seo Ra Beol

Seo Ra Beol


Seo Ra Beol, a Korean dining establishment in Duluth, splits it's restaurant between a traditional sit down meal, and an exciting Korean BBQ side where you can cook your own meat. The tables are specially equipped with a built in grill. Shortly after being seated, a server will prepare the grill for you, adding ice along the edges to keep the food from cooking further, and hot coals in the center to grill on. Have no fear, you aren't left alone to cook your meal. There are plenty of servers stopping by frequently to assist.

Korean barbeque being prepared at the table
Mimi Erickson

There are a variety of food options to choose from, enough to make everyone happy. That said, Seo Ra Beol is known for its delicious marinated short ribs which is very popular with the regulars. They offer more mainstream staples such as shrimp, bulgogi, and brisket. Traditional side salads, sauces, pickled items and veggies are served alongside each meat dish.

Should you ever get a late night, or early morning, craving for delicious Korean food you'll want to make note that Seo Ra Beol is open 24 hours a day.