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Roses are red, red blends are better

3 Girls Pure Red Blend
Alison Brooks

3 Girls Pure Red


Whether you are a seasonal wine drinker or not, with temperatures as cold as they have been in the DMV it has been tough to crack open a bottle of chilled white wine over a nice red that will surely warm you up. Red blends are the perfect wine to warm you up on these frigid evenings. Blends are great for indecisive people. Cabernet, Merlot or maybe Petit Sirah? Why not have all three? Red blends allow you to enjoy two or more grape varieties together. Each characteristic of the grapes comes out and it's really a win win.

3 Girls Pure Red Blend is a fantastic example of four grape varietals coming together and making the perfect blend. Cabernet Sauvignon, Zinfandel, Petit Sirah and Merlot make up this elegant wine. Swirling the glass allows the wonderful juicy berries to greet your nose. Jam and a touch of chocolate are a welcome to the palate. The best surprise of this blend is the wonderful spice finish. The Cabernet and Zinfandel really make an appearance in this blend. The most prominent flavor of jammy ripe berry come from the Zinfandel grape. This is the perfect wine to have with grilled meats, but just as good to sip by itself by the fire.

World Market in Pentagon City has an awesome wine selection. They have World Market exclusive wines, which 3 Girls Pure Red happens to be. The price of this wine will make you giddy. Regular price $12.99, World Market member price $7.99. It is free to become a World Market member and worth the time it takes to sign up online. The wine deals are always amazing, your wallet will thank you!