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Rose oil - Romance your hair

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The newest find of mine. Rose oil. To strengthen and moisturize hair. Rose oil hair wash is what I found, there are conditioners as well. I find it fascinating the earth provides everything we need naturally. Plus rose oil smells so romantic, now I find out about this ancient hair care, who knew?

You can massage rose oil into your scalp for strong roots, it is recommended to add rose oil to almond oil, I bet that would smell amazing! What a rad combination that would be! I really like organic oils, although you could use most quality rose oil shampoos. Or another ideal would be to use your current shampoo that you are using and just add a few drops of organic rose essential oil and wash your hair like you normally would. Let's give rose oil a try and kiss unruly hair goodbye!

Here are some links I have added to purchase rose oil hair wash and rose oil hair treatment:

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