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'Rookie Blue' 5x08 'Exit Strategy': A hard habit to break

Dov: "The more I help you keep your secret, the longer you’ll avoid dealing with it."
Dov: "The more I help you keep your secret, the longer you’ll avoid dealing with it."
Photo Courtesy Of Caitlin Cronenberg/ABC

Rookie Blue Season Five Episode Eight: Exit Strategy


Chris: “I guess I’m here because my roommate suggested it. He thought it might slow things down a little, maybe help me gain some balance. I've got a pretty stressful job, and I lost custody of my son, who turned out to not actually be my son. It’s not that I’m an addict, per say, it’s just that I’m feeling a little lost.”

“Exit Strategy” is the August 7 episode of “Rookie Blue." Warning: this article contains spoilers. "Rookie Blue” airs Thursday nights at 8 p.m. CT on ABC.

Chris aka Dave goes to AA, at Dov’s request, and thankfully, he opens up a little bit about why he uses. Dov and Chris’ interactions are great throughout the entire episode. The connection to Dov’s brother make this whole storyline even more gut wrenching, and it is a reminder to the fans of what path Chris could go down. It will be interesting to see how other people take the news that Chris is using. Dov could confide in someone or maybe Chris slips up in front of someone else. There’s a lot of potential with this storyline. Does anyone else doubt that Chris came clean to Oliver?

Okay, here is what is a little hard to understand. Traci is smart. She’s a detective, meaning she should hopefully know a thing or two about the law. Why did she think that going to Dex to warn him about the raid would be a smart move? Yes, Traci is a kind person who doesn't want the father of her child to go to jail, but he made that decision when he started illegally gambling. She could have simply called him up to have a chat at the same time the raid was going down. It would have been a smarter play.

What is great is that Steve’s investigation into Dex is finally out in the open. He started looking into Dex in the premiere of this season, and then the writers never really touched on it again. In fact, Dex just sort of disappeared. It would have been great if there was some intrigue or mystery surrounding Steve in the episodes leading up to this one, like maybe he gets a call that he takes away from Traci or just leaves randomly (to follow Dex). A mysterious build up could have helped this storyline out a little.

Andy is upset at Oliver, which is understandable. Thankfully, the writers don’t make her just pout in a corner for the entire episode. Instead, Andy adopts a new persona, Mean Andy, who gets along great with Gail. There could have been more conversation between the two of them. It would have been fun watching Gail play with Mean Andy, maybe the two of them could have had some more banter. Thankfully, Andy’s fight with Oliver doesn't last for more than an episode. It would have been too much if it did. Did you like Mean Andy?

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