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'Rookie Blue' 5x06 'Two Truths and a Lie': Father and son reunited

Dov: "People don’t fight that well when they are caught off guard that’s why ambushes work."
Dov: "People don’t fight that well when they are caught off guard that’s why ambushes work."
Photo Courtesy of Ken Woroner/ABC

Rookie Blue Season Five Episode Six: Two Truths and a Lie


Chloe: “My goldfish has more enemies than Bryan Goudy.”

“Two Truths and a Lie” is the July 17 episode of “Rookie Blue." Warning: this article contains spoilers. "Rookie Blue” airs Thursday nights at 8 p.m. CT on ABC.

Everyone is working the same case in this episode. It is nice to see all the different angles that are being worked in other to track down a killer. The sad part is that it’s boring. Seriously, the introduction of the case last week wasn't exciting, and it still isn't exciting. The best part is the chat with Sam’s dad. That being said, the scene with Kelly cleaning up her murderous mess is a little creepy and slightly interesting. Did you enjoy the case?

Gail and Nick are absolutely adorable. It’s hard not to fall in love with the two of them all over again. It’s great to see them being friends and talking/joking about their relationships, and sharing little tidbits about the other person. Last episode featured a very serious Gail storyline, and so it is great to bring that levity back in with her. There should have been at least one more scene of this storyline went on longer. Come on, just one scene of Nick working on Gail’s profile. This was a very serious episode, and more humor and adorable Nick and Gail would have been nice.

Oh, hey Traci and Dex are back. The season started off with some intense drama between the two of them, and Steve requested a background check on Dex, and then nothing ever happened with that. There wasn't any fallout when Traci learned about the background check (pretty sure she doesn't know about it), and there isn't some secret about Dex revealed through the background check. This is a storyline that had some potential, even though it was presented in a terrible way. Instead, nothing happens. It seems like now Traci and Dex are doing okay. They have a heart to heart, which is sweet, but considering the buildup, it’s not satisfying.

McSwarek has had some rough patches since the beginning of the season. Recently, they have been boring. This is a huge Sam episode. He opens up about his past. This is what McSwarek has been missing. As Andy said, Sam shutting down always happens, and finally he opens up about a lot of things, not just about his family issues. Hopefully, this creates a change in McSwarek, and they start to become interesting again. A reset button has needed to be pushed, and maybe this is it. Also, they should always play silly road games because it’s adorable.

Okay, here’s what doesn't make sense. Remember the whole big thing with Duncan? What’s going on with that? The complaint and news that lawyers will be sniffing around is dropped on us, and then barely mentioned aside from Andy’s confession that she lied in her reports. Duncan is even still going to be around, if memory serves, but we never see him. It would be great to have a little bit more follow through with this storyline. There’s a lot of potential for it to be intense, but since the incident where Duncan didn't come be Andy’s back up, it hasn't happened. It’s a letdown.

What did you think of the episode? Do you like how the Traci and Dex storyline has been playing out? Any theories on what is to come with Duncan? Leave me your thoughts in a comment below.