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Romance and Beach Perfection at The Atlantic Resort & Spa

A brief photo tour of the lovely Atlantic Resort and Spa.  See their website or Facebook pages for many more photos.
A brief photo tour of the lovely Atlantic Resort and Spa. See their website or Facebook pages for many more photos.
The Atlantic Resort and Spa

The Atlantic Resort and Spa


The day after my arrival in Ft. Lauderdale, my husband and I relaxed with an after-dinner walk along Fort Lauderdale Beach Boulevard. The sky was, believe it or not, pale purple dotted with clouds the pinkish-peach color of powder blush. As the ocean reflects the sky, the water was also a soft pink. We took a photo immediately; perfection isn’t happened-upon every day. There are many hotels and resorts along many beaches, but this beach, in front of this hotel, is a rare beauty. For this reason and many more, the Atlantic Resort and Spa makes my list as one of the most romantic destinations in the country.

A stunning pink sky over The Atlantic Resort and Spa in August
Lori Metze


The breezy arrival area at The Atlantic is furnished with comfy outdoor furniture, which makes waiting for your party or car pleasant. Just inside the lobby, guests can always find cold citrus water. The lobby itself is gem-toned, modern and cool. As hotel guests tend to populate the outdoors first, seating is easy to come by inside. My favorite spot to unwind was on the wrap-around porch adjacent to the on-site restaurant, Trina. From here, I could watch the surprisingly large barges on the ocean’s horizon, waiting to pull into port or smile at the couples holding hands on the beach.


The Atlantic Resort and Spa is separated from the beach by only a boulevard. For couples that had a play-in-the-sand-all-day vacation in mind, this hotel is ideal. The “white sand beaches” description has become as common as calling a nail salon a “spa,” so I hesitate to use it, but it truly fits here. I found the sand on this stretch of beach to be pristine as I enjoyed a quiet barefoot walk with my sweetheart every day of our visit. The water was warm enough to get in without a sharp intake of breath, but cool enough to refresh. Urban beach perfection sums it up.


Every room at The Atlantic is large. Private balconies, fully-equipped kitchenettes, coffee makers, five-piece marble bathrooms, high thread-count sheets and comfortable beds can be found in all rooms and suites. The oceanfront accommodations are absolutely worth the price of an upgrade for the view alone. Renovation seems to be an ongoing process here as luxurious never seems to be good enough. More upgrades are in process even as I write this review.

Besides the presence of all the comforts of home, one of my favorite hotel design touches at this property is the use of varying shades of blue in everything from the carpet to the light fixtures. This elegant way to bring the beauty of the ocean inside is inspiring.


It seems every luxury hotel has a spa now, but Spa Atlantic is special. The people are friendly, knowledgeable, and creative. I had a chance to get to know them and I am impressed! Creativity abounds in the packages the spa team invents. For example, a new package for couples has just been announced called “Play Date.” For this fun date, a couple can “unleash their inner child” by painting each other with treatment masks, then enjoy a couple’s massage. It doesn’t get more romantic than that!


Thumping music and large crowds do not make for a blissful date night and so I find Trina to be an excellent and serene dining venue. The mood is intimate and a quite conversation can actually be had. The restaurant is in three sections, indoor seating, the lounge area and bar, and the outdoor patio. All are pleasant, but I recommend the outdoor patio hands-down for the breathtaking view day or night.

In the culinary arena, the Caesar salad dressing is absolutely fantastic as is every appetizer I’ve tried. The chef specializes in carnivorous delights. Try the meat.


Go there! Book it today! I can’t express enough how much I adore this hotel and am looking forward to my next visit.

For more information on The Atlantic Resort and Spa or to book a stay, please visit their website. You can also find The Atlantic Resort and Spa on Facebook and Spa Atlantic on Facebook.

Examiner’s Note: My appreciation goes out to Susan Aichele and Kim DeOrsey for hosting me. Thank you!

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