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Roman Remains: A captivating performance

Roman Remains Live


Roman Remains opened for Gary Numan at the Rialto Theatre on Sunday, March 9, 2014. Their Tucson stop was made on their way to South by Southwest in Austin, TX.

Lead singer, Liela Moss captivates.
©Mary F. Andrews

Roman Remains is a group formed by The Duke Spirit’s Liela Moss and Toby Butler. They are originally from the UK now living in Los Angeles. Bradford Lee plays drums and sampler and rounds out their large sound by playing a lot of live parts. Their music is a combination of electro, dance and industrial sound.

They just released a new album, "Zeal", during this past week that was recorded from their break from The Duke Spirit’s touring schedule. The album came out on Dhani Harrison’s H.O.T. Records, Ltd. Their first single is “This Stone Is Starting To Bleed.” Watch the video here.

The set started ten minutes early with Liela immediately jumping into a powerhouse performance. She obviously is the main attraction of the group although Toby and Branford work hard to produce a larger than life sound. The pace was relentless though their 35-minute set. Liela constantly transcended the wall of sound with her swagger and stomp.

The songs delivered included: “Sweet Dreams”, “Apoidea”, “Tachycardia”, “Animals”, “Influence”, “Nest In Your Room”, “This Stone Is Starting To Bleed”, and “Gazebo”.

A compelling set from a seasoned, accomplished performer. The group will impress the crowds at South by Southwest

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