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'Rogue Trooper' by IDW Publishing

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IDW Publishing

Rogue Trooper by IDW Publishing


It is time for another review of an upcoming graphic novel and this time I decided to try “Rogue Trooper: Last Man Standing” written by Brian Ruckley and illustrated by Alberto Ponticelli and scheduled to be published by IDW Publishing in September. This graphic novel collects the first four issues of what appears to be an action-packed, science fiction comic series.

“Rogue Trooper” tells the story the last genetically enhanced soldier on Nu-Earth. The planet has been ravaged by a galaxy-wide war and only one soldier is left on Nu-Earth to search for answers. Branded a traitor, a group of soldiers is sent to the planet to kill him as an example to others who may think about deserting. The Rogue Trooper, however, is not a traitor but is continuing the war for answers in the only way he finds possible and there is no way he is going to give up without finding the answers he seeks.

The artwork in this book is done very well and does a very good job of not just illustrating the story but helping to tell the story as well. Done in a more traditional style, the artwork of “Rogue Trooper: Last Man Standing” carries the story at many times when there is little text. It adds to the feel of action in the story that almost gives it a cinematic feel so that the reader can watch the action unfold rather than just read about it. Ponticelli is a talented artist that has a strong feel for how to draw a graphic novel and his style works well in this book. It is rare for me to enjoy the illustration as much as the actual story in a graphic novel but this book reaches that level and I found myself lost in the illustration as an element of the story rather than just as a part of the format in general.

There is not a lot of subtlety in this book. It is a fairly straightforward action, science fiction story about one man’s struggle to find his place in the universe as well as destroy his enemies. In the same vein as other science fiction classics such as “Aliens,” “Rogue Trooper” is action right from the beginning and never relents in carrying through right to the final page. This is not a book for a reader who is looking for a story that can be contemplated and that has a hidden meaning. This is a simple story of adventure that makes no apologies for keeping the hits coming fast and furiously. That is just fine by me.

“Rogue Trooper” took me back to my childhood when I could read a comic and just lose myself in the world within the pages. There are no punches pulled here as the story aims for entertainment and hits on all counts. “Rogue Trooper” is quite simply just a fun story to read and one that I hope to enjoy more of in the future. Highly recommended for those who are just looking for a story that provides pure entertainment.

I would like to thank IDW Publishing and NetGalley for this advance review copy. “Rogue Trooper” is scheduled to be released in September.

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