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'Rogue: The Complete First Season' DVD Review: A mothers love

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'Rogue: The Complete First Season'


Grace Travis (Thandie Newton) is an undercover cop playing both sides of the street. As a cop, she is also mother and wife. Undercover, she works for crime boss Jimmy Lazlo (Martin Csokas). One day a drive by shooter kills Grace's son. The murder goes unsolved but Grace wants the killer. She thinks the killer works for Jimmy or is at least involved with him, so she is going to see the case all the way through. Problem is after her sons death she had told her family that she wouldn't go back. She kept silent to her police friends also and then one day she gets shot. All find out and her secret of working for Jimmy comes out in the open. Her family is not happy and when her husband finds out about her being shot, well he wasn't too happy.

Living the two separate lives will take it's toll but she is on a mission and she will find the killer of her son, even if it kills her.

This is a wonderful show and keeps you interested all the way through. Eone is bringing the first season of Rogue to DVD on March 11, 2014. The sound and visual quality are beyond reproach. They are excellent for your viewing pleasure. The action of this show keeps you waiting for every scene, just to see what is coming next.

To find out the truth Grace must cross the line and carry out some orders for Jimmy that make you wonder just how long before the job will get her. This is one DVD set that you will want for your library and will give you many hours of enjoyable entertainment.