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Rocklahoma 2014: Day 1 Kick Off

Rocklahoma pre party day 1


Rocklahoma is officially on and started late Thursday evening with several bands playing the pre-festival show. Campers, tents, and bands as far as the eye could see filled the festival grounds. So what went down on day 1? Here is a behind the scenes peek at who is at Rocklahoma and how to navigate the festival as a fan.

Mandy Lion.
ROCKwell UnScene MUSIC Magazine Melissa and Wes Anderson
Dan McNay of Mandy Lion playing the Jagermeister stage
ROCKwell UnScene MUSIC Magazine

For me the night kicked off with pulling in and to the Jagermeister Stage to see the iconic legend Mandy Lion with his all star-lineup as a band. You may have heard of Les Warner, he was in The Cult beating the skins. If your into bass players then you already know who Dan Mcnay (Montrose) is. On the guitar is youngster and icon in the making Toni Aleman. Put the sexy melodic metal growl of Mandy Lion and you have a must see band.

The band was so amazing in sound that people began to pour into the already full area to see the show. Fist and horns were thrown into the air as the set went on. If you missed this I am sorry. But you have a chance to see them again. Mandy Lion will be taking the stage Again Saturday at Rocklahoma.

But a great band needs to have a great behind the curtain team to keep things rolling. Props to David Sixx for being the stage manager/roadie every band needs. You could almost say he is the 5th member of the band. Beyond that is Bandog clothing. They designs and sells the must have Mandy Lion swag.

Another must see band is Dellacoma. Del is Thunder from Down Under and he jumps about like a kangaroo and sings like a Rock ‘n Roll screaming eagle. It was great to see the crowd get so pumped up. One guy put Del up on his shoulders and ran him in the crowd. It was safe to say the crowd could not get enough. Del’s band is one of the most energetic and fun shows to see.

Both Mandy Lion and Dellacoma came out to hang with the fans after their sets. They meeted and greeted their new and old fans, giving all who came out a true fan festival experience. That is what makes Rocklahoma such an experience.

Another reason to hit the festivals is the awesome threads you can find. One brand that is supported by both fans and bands is Rock-n-Roll GangStar Apparel. You can see bands on stage wearing this gear including Les Warner (Mandy Lion and the Cult), Toni Alimann (Mandy Lion), Jessie (Kid Rock), and Rev Theory just to name a few. It was amazing to walk into Rocklahoma and see that Rock-n-Roll GangStar was all over fans and bands. Rock-n-Roll GangStar has been doing “The Balls of Steel Tour” that has done The Worlds Loudest Month starting in Jacksonville, FL and ending here at Rocklahoma.

When you stop by the Rock -n- Roll GangStar booth be sure to scoop up your ROCKwell UnScene Music Mag, one of the last print copies (currently Sold Out in stores). Covering locals to Legends this mag is a must have for all music fans.

This was as brief as I could sum up day 1. Stay tuned to see what goes down on day 2.

Written by Melissa Anderson, ROCKwell UnScene MUSIC Magazine

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