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Rocking neverland discovered upon Shiprocked

Shiprocked 2014 - Day 1 - January 26th


Shiprocked 2014 blasted off with the best live line up to get this journey rocking in loud, hard live grandeur in our faces and on our way to a rocking oasis paradise!

Image slideshow of the featured performers opening the main deck stage for Shiprocked 2014, compliments of Norwegian Cruise Lines and ASK4 Entertainment...hosted and headlined by Five Finger Death Punch.
Image slideshow of the featured performers opening the main deck stage for Shiprocked 2014, compliments of Norwegian Cruise Lines and ASK4 Entertainment...hosted and headlined by Five Finger Death Punch.
Five Finger Death Punch welcomes the Shiprocked family for 2014
Kelly Panoc for Perfect Image Kellections

What better way to open Shiprocked full blast, than with the hosting headliner of this venture, Five Finger Death Punch center stage and on an open pool deck, rocking the sun down? Ivan Moody and crew are rather gracious heavy metal hosts, for as hard as they lay down a song, this band embraces their crowd as family and part of the show. Non participation is not tolerated by 5FDP and this cruise was along for the full ride.

This show was pure 5FDP, full throttle and providing newer and older favored songs in their set. Smacking this crowd hard with selections as: 'Bulletproof', 'No one gets left behind',' and a 'White Knuckles' encore! A few metal covers of other songs were the simple cherry on this metal sundae. A brief crowd surfing for Ivan brought this energy blast of a welcoming set to a close and prepared this ship to be rocked for four solid days and nights. 5FDP then also treated fans to a Stardust Theater set, a little further into the trip. Shiprocked 2014 was off and rocking in grand metal style! Thanks out to Jeremy Spencer for the interview and your time.

5FDP started this four day rock roster and paved the way for the remaining line up for our first day at sea which played as follows: Aranda, Nonpoint, and The Halo Method, on the main deck stage. Other sets commenced in the numerous lounges upon Shiprocked as follows: Young Guns, American Fangs, Black Stone Cherry, Butcher Babies, and No Fun Intended. This first sailing evening also brought two shows in the gorgeous Stardust Theater: In This Moment and Three Days Grace performed in this grand sailing ballroom to get guests ready to rock for days and nights to come.

Nonpoint was another fine selection of band to open this rock fest on an energy note, as there is nothing like the release of raw energy from Elias and Nonpoint on a stage. They played the first evening on the main deck stage to rip open that raw and aggressive energy within the crowd. The next afternoon they topped that off with a live beach performance upon Great Stirrup Cay that comes close to no other! Their sets presented with selections such as: 'What a Day', 'I Said It' and 'Left for you.' to rumble the crowds a bit for a long day and night of live rocking action. These boys were ready and got to work early, to bust this show open and coast the remaining cruise time mingling with fans a and fellow musicians.

Elias spent time performing along side Lajon during an acoustic Sevendust set and also graced all guests with some fabulous Rage Against the Machine, 'Bulls on Parade', participating in the closing all star jam that will never be forgotten. Thanks to the Nonpoint crew for your time, interviews and performances.

The Halo Method rounded out the night on the main deck stage with their hard synth-fused rock show at top notch. The Halo Method features former members of Evanescence, and other well known projects, so these are not novice performers to the live stage. They produce hard rock energy with full emotion in one 'rocking fell swoop'. This band combines it all into one hell of a sound and show: elements of hard rock, goth, alternative metal, industrial, and pop with a great presence from a great band and the voice of Lukas Rossi.

This was merely the launch of Shiprocked into a four day and four night venture of pure hard rocking energy all the time. It only gets better as it rolls along so please be sure to join in the journey here and also keep your eyes open for announcements concerning your reservations for Shiprocked 2015, as you will not want to miss the next port of call to Great Stirrup Cay!

Stop by the band pages featured on these pages to come and hear some great music you may not have known was out there. You will get a good taste of what this concert cruise journey is all about and will be reserving your cabins in no time:

Sample some opening night bands below and book your cabins for next year's Shiprocked:

Young Guns
American Fangs
Black Stone Cherry
Butcher Babies
No Fun Intended

Special thanks out to Alan and Kristine; all Shiprocked staff, producers, crew, security, media teams, photographers and performers for a great opportunity and experience. Looking forward to only more ventures together in the future. Well done and safe sailing until we meet again.

Congratulations to all those that contributed to the Cancer Sucks auction on Shiprocked! You raised over $130,000.00 for the fight against cancer! That says a lot for this cruising family.

Join the Shiprocked family everyone, it is like no other!

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