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'Rock Star'

The story of a wannabe who got to be.


By Julie D. Griffin

We'll give it a shot, livin' on a wing and a prayer."  From small town to press conference with Steel Dragon, Chris Izzy who has never known a time like this begins to live the dream he prepared for his whole life.
Hollywood Jesus

His whole life centered around making his dream come true ~ Even as a teenager, he sang on the big stages, always taking time to thank his brother Joe who gave me my first Dragon record, and his mom and dad who showed up for every concert, and also let him play as loud as he wanted. But behind every great star, there exists a beautiful girlfriend, who in this case the illustrious Jennifer Aniston who a chic stars as the only one of the whole group who of stable sense pushes Chris Izzy to bigger times. Each obstacle which Chris encounters at home from some small town people, some good and some bad he handles. Chris who sounds at times like a borderline Robert Plant breaks out of a rock concert at the band of his golden, sweet adoration only to encounter the rumble of the one other local mirror dressed Steel Dragon other tribute band. His band wins the rumble, and mostly because Aniston threatened to reveal the secret behind the tight pants worn by the adversary band. Christ has other confrontations to reckon with as well. One, in the form of his cop brother who lectures the soon infamous rock star to grow out of his dream only a month short before the goose who laid the golden egg appears. Luckily, Chris hangs with tough determination and anyway, Chris did not steal his mother's or anybodies make-up. He bought it fair and square at the local drug-store with cash money he earned himself by singing.

A lot of unobtrusive home town guys who get no leg up on same, the training video of a film here really speaks dearly of how the best use of ice really does suit some activities. But before we get too deep into this party, first you have to get that Jennifer Aniston does not just play her part here. As the manager of Izzy she eats, sleeps and eats that first and forms a divine role as girlfriend to him. If you don't take your music seriously, warns Izzy (Chris) played by Mark Wahlberg of his first youth band, he warns them to just give it up now. But then again, Aniston as the girlfriend of Chris helps him to ease up and get some laid back while handling on-stage fist fights not out on the floor of the audience, but between band members over whose too drunk or stoned to perform right. However, without the capacity to note the use of days between misses, his own band goes behind him to fire him. At the same destiny calls him to the band of his lifelong dreams whose posters replace the actual wallpaper on his walls from of all the great analogies, the bottom to the top. You're gone, man, just go. And so gone boy confronts and leaves with his gone girl and the rejection leads to one thing alone. Rags to riches.

Don't make me feel like shit, just because you're too scared to write your own songs, his local band tells him as they do him the greatest favor of his life and get rid of him. Only a week later, amidst his mother's younger children running wild through the house and some mild smog of thought, the leader of the band of his dreams calls him, and tells him not to tell anyone, and gives him a first class invite to a singing audition to play and travel with Steel Dragon. At first, he thinks the thing a prank. But suddenly, he realizes that when he told his small town band, "I'm serious, if I leave now, I'm not coming back," that he really meant what he said. And Aniston meant what she said too. "I'm going where the talent is. All the talent that was in this band has just left this room." It is just a sign. It is time to move on.

A ticket waiting for Chris for a flight to L.A., and along with his girlfriend the two soon find themselves riding down the long driveway to the home of the leader of Steel Dragon. His business manager loves that Aniston sewed more than his new blue jeans. She actually made from scratch his black leather pants. Just before the two enter the very long hallway leading up to the sound studio of the huge mansion the song, "We got eachother, and that's a lot for love ~ We'll give it a shot, livin' on a wing and a prayer." From small town to press conference with Steel Dragon, Chris Izzy who has never known a time like this begins to live the dream he prepared for his whole life.

Dedicated to Timexx Nasty

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