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Glenn Hughes Rocks Sting’s ‘Roxanne’ on Billboard

Glenn Hughes
Photo by David Buchan/Getty Images

Glenn Hughes' track preview of "Roxanne" on Billboard


Rock legend, Glenn Hughes, is a power vocalist/bassist whose signature vocals continue to drive crowds out to major shows. When it comes to making music and live shows, Hughes is a purist who continues to raise the bar of artistry when it comes to rock and roll and its significant longevity in the world of music.
From Deep Purple to Black Country Communion, Hughes continues to reinvent his artistic contributions through creating new music that speaks of mastery of expression.

Amongst the list of new releases on the music horizon, Hughes stands front and center today with a surprise Billboard preview track premiere of his musical version of Sting’s popular hit, “Roxanne.” For Hughes, this particular release is one that is close to heart taking on a deeper meaning than a general music release.

Hughes went in studio recently with popular record producer, Gary Miller, to record the track to add his voice to the all star celebrity roster who are recording tracks for the upcoming cd release,“Set Them Free,” a musical work in progress currently in production. When asked about his contribution to the project, Hughes shared,"Gary called me and told me about the project and asked if I would sing a song. He asked me about doing 'Roxanne.'There is so much love involved in bringing this special project to the world. It is indeed my pleasure."

As a popular music producer, Miller is known for working with some of the industry’s top musical icons including Andrea Bocelli, David Bowie, Lionel Richie and other top stars. Miller is also the founder of a popular nonprofit that stands up for victims of human trafficking. Rock Against Trafficking.

As a music producer driven by the vision of his nonprofit, Miller spends countless hours in studio in his effort to complete the upcoming all star CD release, “Set them Free,” representing top stars singing their favorite Sting hit with major celebrity endorsements as well as sponsors like ESP Guitars on board in support of fighting human trafficking.

Hughes’ emotional and soulful rendition of “Roxanne” is a welcome addition to the music playing field in today’s market. It is the first official track preview from RAT’s upcoming project release on Billboard. The single is a plus for Hughes in his artistic approach to the song. Listening to the track, Hughes delivers a moving version that stands on its own as a track representing the components of a radio hit record that has the potential to drive itself to the top of Billboard’s rock charts from sheer artistic integrity and power of the single alone.

Hughes’ power vocals drive from start to finish filled with solid conviction, emotional tone and the pure artistry that reflects Hughes’ natural ability to make a song his own. Hughes’ vocals soar above the power tracks produced by Gary Miller creating a track that left me speechless in awe of the power of the music.

In reference to the overall production, the song is a living breathing statement to the power of real music based on live musicians laying tracks and the ability of a seasoned talent such as Glenn Hughes capturing the song in the moment through his personal interpretation of the popular lyrics taking it to new heights making it current and refreshing on today’s music scene.

On a 5 star scale, Glenn Hughes delivers brilliant vocals from personal moods to rocking out on the chorus in such a way that his version speaks volumes as a new original of the current time perfectly capable of becoming an overnight radio hit once the track arrives to its official release for sale on iTunes.

“Roxanne” heralds 5 stars for outstanding musical production and overall purity of a solid musical track representing the power of real music.

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