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Rock & Brews El Segundo is Back on the Map!

Rock & Brews


In the corporate world of El Segundo, California epic lunch and happy hour venues are crucial to survive the sometimes trying work week. Rock & Brews' rennovation period was a dark time for the El Segundo 9-5ers. Earlier this month, however, the sun shone on the beer laden patio once again!

The food is pretty decent here, but let's be honest: who cares? They do have a very creatively named, Rock & Roll inspired food menu. The newly redone Rock & Brews has so many beers on tap that they just give you a url to access the list on your smart phone. I guess they know their target market. Or, smart phones are ubiquitous. But, let's be honest, it's not about the phones.

Their beer selection is phenomenal. Since I don't think I can truly do their selection justice, chek it here.

So, if you work in El Segundo (which, a heck of a lot of people do), check out Rock & Brews. But not on Friday during lunch. That's crowded, and I don't want to deal with any longer of a wait than I already do.

"Where's this amazing beer patio?" you may ask. 143 Main St, El Segundo, CA 90245.