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Rock and roll all night with KISS and Motley Crue

KISS and Motley Crue The Tour 2012


When KISS comes to town you know it’s going to be one hell of a party. When MOTLEY CRUE come to town you can expect a major production. Put both together and you have one insane show and that’s what Dallas got Saturday night at Gexa Energy Pavilion.

KISS, Motley Crue, The Treatment
KISS, Motley Crue, The TreatmentCopyright Kelly Crawford
KISSCopyright Kelly Crawford

Kicking things off was THE TREATMENT, a UK band that was touring the US for the first time. They might not have had the crazy sets, pyro and lights that the other bands had but that didn’t stop them from having a great time and putting on a really good set. Solid sound, catchy songs and great riffs, THE TREATMENT is definitely one to check out and they certain won over some new fans by the time they were done.

Of course what everyone was there for was really the two main bands and MOTLEY CRUE was up first. Starting out you knew it was going to be a good set. Instead of coming out on the stage the band came out in procession, complete with drum and banners, from the side of the venue and headed down the main walkway across the seated section of the pavilion. By the time the band reached the stage the crowd was already geared up and ready to go. Opening with “Saints of Los Angeles” the band kept mainly to their well known hits including “Shout at the Devil”, “Home Sweet Home” and “Dr. Feelgood”. Of course they added in their newest song, “Sex”, and ended their set with “Kickstart My Heart”. But it wasn’t just the songs that rocked. Between the stilt walkers, aerial silks, and mass amounts of pyro there was always something to watch. And of course you can’t forget Tommy Lee’s drum coaster. No matter how many times you see it, watching Tommy Lee drum while going upside down – and taking a lucky fan along with him – is always an amazing thing. My only complaint was an excess use of cannons that seemed to be going off for no reason than to make more noise. They didn’t seem to really go with the song or what was happening. But all in all, a very solid set from the Crue.

And then you have KISS. All bands could learn something from these legends. KISS knows exactly how to put on a show, how much pyro, smoke and laser is just enough and they certainly know how to treat the photographers that get two songs to make them look good. From a photography stand point – excellent lighting and the band taking the time to pose and give the photogs time to get good shots makes KISS one of my all time favorite bands to shoot. From a fan stand point you never leave a KISS show feeling let down. Despite the insane heat the crowd was dancing and completely into the show. Kicking things off with “Detroit Rock City” and “Shout It Out Loud” the crowd was singing along from the get go. “Firehouse” saw Gene Simmons breathing fire. “Love Gun” took Paul Stanley flying over the crowd to a round stage near the back of the seated section of the pavilion. And there’s always Gene’s bass solo complete with spitting blood and flying to the rafters. But it’s the encore of “Rock and Roll All Nite” that you’ll remember for days. And you’ll probably be finding the confetti that gets shot out over the crowd in your clothing for days as well.