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Rock and Metal Take Over Boon Docks

Se7en, Trip To The Morgue, Army Of Darkness, Selanum & Alfonso Ochoa-slide0
Melissa Anderson

Live music: Se7en, Trip to the Morgue, Army of Darkness and Selanum, also Alfonso Ochoa


Underneath the full moon on a hot California night, music fans came out to support a show that played hard-rock and metal. Hosted by Joseph Gonzalez, a musician himself and lead vocals for Army of Darkness. Joe got fed up with the pay to play in the music scene. But instead of just talking about it, he turned a negative into a positive and started putting on shows so that local bands could play for local fans and wow, A win win; everyone is happy. Thanks to him and The Boon Docks in Banning California for a night of awesome music played underneath a super moon. The bands included: Se7en, Trip to the Morgue, Army of Darkness and Selanum. An added surprise to the night was comedian Alfonso Ochoa. He was a very good addition to an already awesome line-up. Here is a quick recap, and if you missed this show, check your calendar - there will be more. Cheers to you for supporting local music and venues.

Se7en kicked off the night with a hard rock sound. They had quite a task not only opening but being more on the end of rock than metal. That said, they were awesome and a good start to the night. They are for fans who enjoy rock and roll. I have to say that I like shows that can mesh rock and metal and Se7en is a band that can do that.

Trip to the Morgue is a combo of metal, thrash and punk. This 3 piece is a thick sounded metal pumping band. They blend the sounds of old school metal, punk and thrash in a way that makes you want to start a pit and mosh, mosh, mosh the night away. I give them 2 horns up for their sound and stage presence.

Army of Darkness - hard, heavy, metal, great sound and that is just a few ways I would describe this band. When they play they treat the crowd like friends at a party. They rock them, but they take the time out to engage them as well. That combined with music that makes you want to put your fist in the air and rock out, makes for a good show. Army of Darkness, like all the bands that play, do it for the love of music, the love of putting on the show for the fans, and for keeping the music scene alive.

Selanum closed the night. Talking about going out with a bang. I have never seen this band before but I am putting them on my list to see again. They describes themselves as a “unique sound with killer riffs, intense solos, and harsh vocals.” I would have to agree with that. I loved the way they got into the zone and interacted with each other as well as the fans. To their credit, they knew how to use the stage. By that, I mean they moved, they did not just plant themselves like trees, they played and moved. That gets high marks from me since when they move it allowed them to interact. Influences such as, Mudvayne, Sevendust, and Slipknot (to name a few) can be heard in Selanum’s sound.

Now you have met the bands, meet the man who made the laughs happen. The one and only Alfonso Ochoa took the stage at this show to give the night a little bit more. Playing gigs like the Improv, Ochoa did something new, different, and he played the Boon Docks with some awesome bands. Not many comedians can say that. He kept the crowd laughing and smiling in between rocking out, so if you want a night of comedy, look him up.

I also have to mention that shows can’t happen unless venues allow them. That said, shout out to Boon Docks for stepping up and having live music. This is not my first time seeing a show at Boon Docks and it won’t be my last. The friendly staff along with the outdoor music makes for a great local music stop.

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