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Rock and Blues concert cruises offer catchy tunes with Boston's 'Booty Vortex'

Booty Vortex


It was a crowded day on Boston Harbor between Comic Con Boston taking place near another cruise taking off for Rock and Blues Concert cruises on Sunday, August 10. Plenty of sun poured into the boat as people dressed in dance clothes and summer attire boarded the Provincetown II to see the return of the ten piece 70s and 80s cover band, ‘Booty Vortex.’ Visit for more on this band and check out for the full schedule of upcoming summer cruises!

The crowds jam to 'Booty Vortex!'
The crowds jam to 'Booty Vortex!'
Courtesy of Jeanne Denizard

This year marked the seventh year ‘Booty Vortex’ rocked the Provincetown II and as the afternoon went on, provided plenty of reasons why this group has developed such a strong following. DJ JJ Wright spun a variety of disco and dance tunes in between the band’s sets. Before ‘Booty Vortex’ hit the stage, a white boa was draped across a pair of bongo drums, an indication of the band’s distinct character.

The entire band was dressed in white, but with a funky 70s flair. Big sunglasses, mini-mirror ball necklaces, and high boots are just a piece of this band’s over the top style. Three members played the horns and one was wearing a captain’s hat.

Calling themselves Boston’s finest funk and disco, ‘Booty Vortex’ is funky, full of character, and possesses a bit of a wild side. Their enthusiasm is infectious, their voices powerful, and their music, a collection of mostly hit 70s and 80s cover songs, are well done. Part of the humor in this group are in the self-proclaimed names of the group members such as Pixi Stix (drummer), Gold Fingah (keyboard player), and singers GingerSNAP, and Honey Child.

The Provincetown II took off to the tunes of Parliament’s ‘Giving up the Funk’ and Lakeside’s ‘Fantastic Voyage,’ then launched into a long music set. ‘Booty Vortex’ charmed audiences with an impromptu song of Positive K’s ‘I Got a Man’ involving Gold Fingah and Honey Child, revealing playful chemistry.

Other highlights included song combinations of Chic’s ‘Good Times/Queen’s ‘Another One Bites the Dust,’ a spot on rendition of a Jackson Five medley, and O’Jay’s ‘Love Train’/ Cee Lo Green’s daring version of the dance song ‘Forget You.’ They have a unique style, their music is not too hard or loud and songs range from danceable to sometimes mellow.

Other dance hits include ‘I love the night life’ by Alicia Bridges, ‘Heaven Must Be Missing and Angel’ by Tavares, and ‘The Best of My Love’ by ‘The Emotions!’

On this sunny day, a cool breeze filled the boat on a three hour boat cruise to see some of Boston’s beautiful sights, like the Boston Harbor Islands and Boston’s beautiful skyline. Captain Wally Cornell commanded this party ship, secluded from the live music that is never distracting from the ship’s journey.

See ‘Booty Vortex’ next at the Zorba Room, 439 Market Street in Lowell on Saturday, September 20 and Johnny D’s, 17 Holland Street in Somerville. The Rock and Blues Concert cruise series concludes its summer cruises with Viral Sound with Blue Boy Productions on Sunday, August 17 and Barnstar! With Dietrich Strause on Sunday, August 24! Get a $5 discount on Viral Sound cruise by using the word 'Viral' when ordering tickets at!