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Rochester Hills' Tropical Smoothie Café is a rough experience

tropical smoothie cafe


One of the newest restaurants in Rochester Hills is a smoothie shop featuring sandwiches. Or is it a sandwich shop serving smoothies?

Tropical Smoothie Café on Crooks Road in Rochester Hills, Mich.
Richard Weaver/

Tropical Smoothie Café at 2913 Crooks Road is a bright, clean and inviting café with plenty of seating conducive for a relaxing breakfast, lunch or dinner. With free Wi-Fi and fairly generous supply of electrical outlets it is also a good place for business meetings.

Ordering is a challenge. There are two menus, one over the registers and one on the counter s a mat in front of each register. If you want to learn what the items are you will need to look at the register mat as the higher menu does not tell what the items are.

Breakfast items, served anytime, are only listed on the register mats. A price range is shown instead of individual prices.

The cashier had difficulty taking an order. Two meals were ordered, one sandwich and one breakfast, with a drink for each. The drink for the breakfast wrap was rung at $1.99 even though the overhead menu clearly stated drinks were $1 with any food purchase. The cashier explained that the offer did not apply to breakfast items even though the menu clearly stated “any food item”. The sandwich, cookie and drink for the second meal also was rung wrong. According to a coupon received in the mail the three items should have been $5. But they rang much higher. In fact, the total bill came to $17.01 but should have been just $10.39 according to the menu board and coupon.

The order was also not prepared properly. The correct cheese for the flatbread sandwich was not available so a spicy pepper jack was substituted without being communicated. The breakfast wrap was also incorrect. Instead of a wrap it came on a submarine sandwich bun.

Beverages include the namesake smoothies along with self-serve pop and a make-it-yourself Kuerig machine for coffee.

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