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'Robinson Crusoe On Mars (1964)' Movie Review: A story of survival

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Robinson Crusoe On Mars (1964)


Cmdr. Chris Draper (Paul Mantee) and Col. Dan McReady (Adam West) along with a test monkey are traveling through space. As they are traveling along they come into contact with a meteor. The two believe they are going to hit the meteor and their only chance is to escape to the planet below. They are able to make it to an ejection pod and are able to get off the ship. Draper and the monkey are able to safely land on the planet but McReady isn't so lucky.

Here's the problem, you are on a hostile planet and now you have to have air, food, water and shelter. At first it is almost impossible to survive. Draper and the monkey start to settle in because they don't really have much faith in being rescued.

Draper eventually will cross paths with a human like creature that has just escaped from a slave planet. They are like fish out of water at first as communication between the two is almost impossible. Eventually, they will learn a form of communicating and the alien will be named Friday (Victor Lundin). The two will become friends and learn to work together.

The two friends will pull together during an alien attack and survive. They will survive storms that would killed most people. Life is not easy on this planet and it is a wonder that they make it as far as they do. This is a film of survival that is before it's time. We as humans hadn't even been on another planets and the studios were dying to bring us this kind of story line to science fiction drama.

For it's time it is a very entertaining film. Director Byron Haskin does an incredible job with this one. This film is very close to what you would have to do if you were stranded on another planet. There are differences between it being done on Earth or another planet but you would still have to do what was done in the film to make it. This is one film you would have to see and enjoy.