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Robin Thicke Floods a River on Desperate, Delicious 'Paula'

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Robin Thicke, Paula


Robin Thicke turns up the sex drive on his latest album, 'Paula.' The entire album is a desperate & creepy attempt to win back Paula Pattons love, the actress Thicke cheated on during their relationship. Robin has been in the ballgame for quite sometime now; he released material in the mid 2000's to positive reviews from critics and fans across the world, but 'Paula' is plain boring. He was much more soulful and has more bass in previous albums. What was she really expecting from Robin Thicke? I mean, look at the man.

The album is filled with some cool grooves and sensual, unique sounds, but overall the album is not great. It's a step up from last summers huge album, 'Blurred Lines,' but after having a year to work on himself and keep up with pop culture, I was expecting a little bit more from Robin Thicke. Robin Thicke obviously is a talented artist and has achieved commercial and critical success, but I was expecting him to turn up the bass a bit more.

The mood is overall sexy and certain songs do put you in a relaxed, chill trance that brings you to another isolated island, but the extremely slow jams are down right pathetic. After the nutty drama with Robin & Paula, one would thing he would fuck a bunch of random women and come out with some cocky, smart and bitching album. Thicke is known for his cocky, arrogant and extremely sexual behavior on past albums (his old stuff is great), but just doesn't make the cut on this one.

Key Tracks:
Get Her Back
Living in New York