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Robin Shou is back for vengeance in Mortal Enemies

Mortal Enemies


Robin Shou burst onto the scene with his action packed turn in the Mortal Kombat series and hasn’t slowed down since. While he isn’t sporting his lion mane style look any longer he is still bringing the pain like never before. His latest film Mortal Enemies looks to keep the streak alive with more martial arts action, but does it deliver as a whole or will it have to tap out before it’s finished?

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Mortal Enemies follows two young orphan boys who are like brothers but are separated when one is adopted by a wealthy couple. Years later their paths cross again when the now grown wealthy business man is kidnapped by a crew of pirates that his lost friend is seemingly aligned with. Now the truth of the past and present will be uncovered and the bond of brothers will be proven that they don’t always have to share blood. During the first half of the film they work to set up the relationship between the boys and what has led them to be who they are, but it gets a bit long with really nothing much happening. There are a couple of key moments during this time that are important but way longer than it needed to be. This was a bit concerning for a while until things really kicked into gear which is when the fun begins. Once you get past all the set-up it shifts into high gear and delivers some awesome martial arts action. Robin Shou and Verdy Bhawanta deliver some fast paced great martial arts action sequence that takes this film from slow to intense with a single kick. There is a ton of fight sequences that just keep getting better with every scene. There are two inparticular that are long, high energy, and all around bad ass that is sure to keep your heart racing until they end.

The opening to this film set things up fine, but could end up losing people before the real fun begins. If you can just stick with it there is plenty of everything you could hope from in this genre and you will not be disappointed. Let’s hope this marks even more for Robin Shou and kicks off a new career for Verdy Bhawanta who is amazing to watch.

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